Researchers call for state of emergency on research, devt

The Secretary General, Academic Staff Union for Research Institutes (ASURI) ,Dr. Ndubwa Aku, has called on Nigerians to declare a state of emergency on research and to support the Presidential Assent to National Research and Council (NRIC) Bill, 2019.
He made this remarks while demonstrating his concern alongside members of the union at the Eagle Square, Abuja on Tuesday.

He further stated that Nigerians should involve in the task to see how they can develop the nation’s building to rectify the Bill to be accented to the next level. “In a country where there is no unemployment issue, you will not experience militancy challenges. Like the Chinese ambassador said sometime back, that the insecurity in Nigeria is as a function to unemployment because in a country where young minds are busy working, there won’t be such in existence”.

“All we need is an institutional funding mechanism to fund research. We have lots of Universities doing research work but lack the proper ability the research institute do because each research institute has a mandate of responsibility and all researchers come together from different fields and agree on multi disciplinary approach to research where every body contributes his own knowledge to solve the problems as a problem solving system.
“Why we see lapses in the country is because we have refused to develop the God-given natural resources as well as human resources and have become a joke in the face of foreign media,” he added.
Aku decried the outcome of lack of changes in Universities and neglect of research despite the sponsoring by the Tertiary Education Trust funds (tetfund). “We have more than 150 research Centres with lack of proper funding which most of the activities taking place are individual efforts. 

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