Residents urge return of house-to-house sanitary inspection

Residents of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), has called for the re-enacting of house-to-house sanitary inspection, noting that “this will ensure that individuals and corporate organisations consciously adhere to government policies over clean environment.”
According to Mr. Sunday Odeh, a primary health officer, sanitary inspectors in the past were employed to carry out routine checks on residential premises to ensure clean and healthy living.
He said: “These officers in the time past were dreaded by many residents as their visit to any home was such troubles, residents go out of their ways to clean their homes and surroundings even when nobody is standing guard to compel them to do so.
“This they undertake in preparation of the visit of the Officers who often pay unscheduled visits to homes. By so doing, homes and surroundings were kept clean. Stagnant waters were not allowed by residents near their homes. Bushes
near residential homes were often cleared while small gardens were always weeded to avoid over grown grasses.”
He stressed that in the days past, government residential areas, GRAs were known to be very clean as no civil servant would want to be identified with filthy living.
“Those who are not so opportune to live in the GRAs often try to copy those clean virtues that differentiate their areas with the GRAs.”
Sunday explained that the compulsory monthly sanitation days “are no longer being observed.”
“Many people are now complacent in keeping their homes and surroundings clean while gutters are filled with stagnant waters, over grown weeds have taken over many designated green areas and residential areas.
“We are, therefore, campaigning for the return of the sanitary inspectors in the Territory. Their re-introduction will go a long way at checkmating emergence of filthy environment, unhealthy society, which is a precursor to many avoidable health challenges in the Territory.”

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