Resolve your differences, Balarabe, Aremu tell Buhari, NASS

Former Governor of old Kaduna state, Alhaji Abdulkadir Balarabe Musa and General Secretary, Textile Workers Union, Comrade Issa Aremu yesterday asked the executive and legislature to stop their face-off and demonstrate statesmanship in the interest of Nigeria.
Speaking yesterday when Aremu, a Labour Party (LP) gubernatorial aspirant in Kwara state paid Balarabe Musa a courtesy call at his residence, the two politicians said it is only when the two most important arms of government embrace ‘statemanship’ in place of ‘brinkmanship’ that democratic process in Nigeria can become sustainable.
Balarabe Musa,PRP warned that Nigeria’s democracy must not be allowed to fall like the Russian communist government.
He however called on Nigerians and those in position of authority to demonstrate high level of patriotism and statesmanship in the interest of Nigeria’s democracy.
He said the closure of the Russian parliament by the president was responsible for its downfall.
He said :”And up till today, Russia has never been the same again, despite the fact that members of the Russian parliament were more mature than our own National Assembly members”.
Balarabe Musa later endorsed Comrade Aremu’s candidacy for 2019 gubernatorial election in Kwara state, citing his commitment to social justice and development in Nigeria for backing him.
He said: “I support Comrade Aremu 99 per cent.
I would have supported him 100 per cent if he runs on the platform of PRP.
But Labour Party he chooses is part of progressive families committed to socialist transformation of Nigeria.” The Labour Party aspirant disclosed that he was inspired by the progressive record of Musa as the first executive governor of Kaduna state adding that: “I am an ideological and political son of Alhaji Musa right from my university days.” Speaking earlier at the unveiling of the 40th Anniversary Logo of Textile Workers Union, the frontline labour leader said the “addictive conflicts” between the legislators and the federal executive would undermine good governance and democracy.

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