Restructuring: Group wants equality of ethnic groups

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The Movement for Cognitive Justice (MCJ) has said Nigeria must recognise and give to its diverse ethnic groups to end recurring conflicts in the country.
Founder of the movement, Dr Kajit Bagu at a press conference on Sunday in Kaduna said the present structure has left the country with identity crisis, forcing ethnic nationalities to clamour for equality and justice.
According to him, Nigeria was brought under a single called nation-state by the British without due recognition to their diversity and equality.
“The British drew arbitrary lines in carving out the territory it named Nigeria without the consent of the people, and through its principle of divide and rule, placed one ethnic group over another.
“Today, the country is grappling with identity crisis, recurrent conflicts and genocide; citizenship, indigeneship and the Fulani and settlers question, and increasing incidence of human right abuses,” he said.
He faulted the 2014 National Conference Report and the APC True Federalismcommitte, saying the documents failed to address real issues leading to increasing agitations in the country.
Bagu posited that the solution to Nigeria’s problems lied in the fundamental reconstruction of the country in its multi-ethnic and religious realities.
“Nigeria has about 700 ethnic nationalities but were subsumed under hegemonic domination of the Hausa, Yoruba and Igbo.
“Each ethnic group must be recognised and be respected; diversity should not be erased but must be embraced and celebrated in its beauty.
“Whoever did not create a world of many languages, peoples and nations, has no business working to destroy it directly or indirectly; through legal, social, political or economic orders in the name of forging uniformity,” he said.

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