Restructuring: Tambuwal should stop pouring salt upon injury

Governor Aminu Tambuwal

It is with surprise that Governor of Sokoto State and Presidential Aspirant in the Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP), Mr. Aminu Tambuwal, came to a South-West state to tell Nigerians that former President Goodluck Jonathan rejected the amendment of the country’s constitution that would have allowed the restructuring of the country.

Tambuwal is aware that the people of the Southwest have consistently stood for restructuring as panacea to the numerous challenges in the country.

Tambuwal also said that Jonathan should have allowed the proper reform of the electoral system.

What the Sokoto Governor didn’t say is how he sided members of the then opposition to make governance uncomfortable for President Jonathan.

He didn’t tell the delegates that he had enough support then to override the President and effect restructure he is now speaking about.

He didn’t say how he sided with some SW elements to deny the region the position of Speaker.

The PDP in 2011 nominated Mulikat Akande, as Speaker of the National Assembly. However, Tambuwal and some recalcitrant PDP party-members conspired with the ACN to frustrate the plans of their party for the Speaker position.

He (Tambuwal) was to emerge as Speaker against the wishes of his party.

His tenure as Speaker was characterised by anti-party activities, culminating in his defection to the APC.

He didn’t tell the delegates in Akure that as Speaker, he was among those who insisted that it was the turn of the North to produce the President in 2015.

If truly he believes in restructuring, Tambuwal should tell PDP members why 2023 is still the turn of the North.

Tambuwal should campaign with facts and allow the PDP which he and others brought down to go on with its restructuring.

As has constantly being spoken by the Rivers State Governor and one of the leading presidential aspirants of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Nyesom Wike, members of the party who sabotaged it in 2015 by forming the New PDP which led to the party’s defeat at the general election should not be rewarded with the party’s presidential ticket in 2023.

Instead of apologizing to members of the PDP, Tambuwal should not be going round pouring more insult on those that kept the party when he and his group chickened out.

Agboola Adefuye wrote from Ikeja, Lagos