Restructuring: We ‘ll vote Atiku, not Buhari, Nigerian youths declare

Less than 12 hours to the commencement of campaigns leading to 2019 general elections, a group of Nigerian youths, under the aegis of Nigerian Youths for Democracy/Atiku Youths Organisation, has declared that their votes and that of others millions of young Nigerians will will go to the presidential candidate of the People Democratic Party (PDP) Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, due to his commitment to restructure the country.



The group believe that most of the challenges facing the country can be resolved if Nigeria is restructured.

Addressing a press conference in Abuja on Saturday, the National Coordinator, Hon. Alexanda Ojini, lanked by other executive and State coordinators aming many others, said Nigerians were regretting for casting their votes for the incumbent administration in 2015.

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According to Ojini, the poor economic condition of Nigeria has gotten a level where Nigerians are now committing suicide, hunger, living below poverty line and other socia vices.

He said the mismanagement of the nation’s resources have forced many young men and women into robbery and prostitution in other countries.

He, however, declared that his group has resolve to mobilise young Nigerians in millions to vote the presidential candidate of the PDP, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar in the forthcoming general elections.

“We have converged here today to call for restructuring. Anyone who is against restructuring will be seen by the Nigerian youths as against the progress of Nigeria.

“We believe that if Nigeria is restructured some of our youths who have taken arms, who run to Libya will return home.

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“We are saying that in the coming election in 2019, we the Nigerian youths are ready to show them exit all the politicians and political parties who are against restructuring.

“Nigerian youths are no longer begging to be carried along but to be part of governance.

“We will remain law abiding Nigerian youths to make sure that we achieve our aims and objective. Through the power of our PVCs we will vote out those that have fail us.

“We will mobilise our numerous members across the country to ensure that we vote out incompetent government.

“Some of us who suffer the atrocities of these politicians don’t even have international passport. They say Nigeria is fighting corruption but as it is today the county is more corrupt than ever. The time to stand up is now, the time to restructure is now. Candidates of party who have capacities to deliver, not a political party who promise and fail.

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“Therefore in 2019, Nigerian Youth for Democracy, will be going out across the country to make sure that we do the right thinh, vote the right candidate. We will work with a party like PDP and candidate like Atiku Abubakar, who has, from day one said he will restructure the country, we are ready to work for him to realise his ambition come 2019,” Ojini delared.

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