Revealed! How much Messi is losing daily without any contract


Having become a free agent in the last week, Lionel Messi now hopes to reach a new contract agreement with Barcelona, and the next few days’ negotiations will be crucial.

After El Mundo released figures describing how much Messi earns at Barcelona, the French newspaper L’Equipe have calculated that since leaving the Argentine is missing out on 100,000 euros a day.

According to El Mundo, Messi took home 138.9 million euros gross per season at Barcelona, which is no longer being fed to the six-time Ballon d’Or winner.

For now, Barcelona president Joan Laporta is doing everything he can to sort out the numbers and come to a final agreement on Messi’s new contract.

“I would like to say that it’s all done, but it’s not like that. The discussions are going well, but it’s not over yet. The idea is to finish up as soon as possible,” Laporta told the media recently. “We are confident, because he wants to stay.”