Revealed! How to join US Army

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The newly promoted U.S brigadier General of Nigerian descent, Amanda Azuibike, has revealed that anyone passionate about joining the United States army should reach out to her.

General Azubuike made this known on her official Linkedin account shortly after the news of her promotion trended online recently.

She disclosed that there are many opportunities in the U.S army regardless of one’s occupation and profession, adding that anyone who wishes to join the force or knows anyone who wishes to should not hesitate to personally contact her.

“I feel privileged to serve in USl Army Cadet Command, and contribute to our future Army leaders.  We have many opportunities for those looking for a sense of purpose and service. As I found out very early in life, the Army has many opportunities, and many occupations, and we award many scholarships. PLEASE CONTACT ME if you or someone you know wants to be an Army officer. Regardless of how YOU define success, the Army can help you get there – we want to be part of your journey!” she wrote.

Also speaking on her journey in the US army, Gen Azuibike said she was able to join the US military even at a time when she was not yet a citizen of the United States, and she feels proud of her Nigerian heritage and roots as much as she is proud of being an American.

“My journey is unique, and you can learn a little about it in my ineloquent, but heartfelt speech (start at min 24:50): And as I said in my speech…  

“I joined the U.S. military before I was even a U.S. citizen, but I always knew this country was great, that it was worth fighting for, and that it is truly the land of opportunity — I am very proud of my heritage and ethnic roots, but I am equally as proud to be an American and to serve in the world’s best Army!”

General Azubuike was born in London, United Kingdom, to Nigerian parents, and joined the US Army in 1994 where she rose to the position of an aviator after passing the Army Aviation Officer Basic Course.

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