Rid Nigeria of self-acclaimed religious fundamentalists, yield to call for restructuring – IVCUAF tells FG

The Ibadan Varsity Christian Union Alumni Association (IVCUAF) has asked the federal government to rid Nigeria of self-acclaimed religious fundamentalist groups

IVCUAF at a press conference addressed by its International President, Dr Tunde Emmanuel Ajala held at the Chapel of Resurrection, University of Ibadan on Saturday also tasked the federal government to yield to the call for the restructuring of Nigeria  for greater and better political, social and economic efficiency, growth and development.

According to the association at its REUNION 2020 with the “Theme : The Balanced Christian”, it is now time for the Nigerian government to be more sincere with its constitutional duty and rid the country of fundamentalist groups such as the Boko Haram, Islamic State of West Africa (ISWA) Fulani militia herdsmen among others.

It emphasized that the time has come for the association to put what its members ” have learnt and successfully practiced over the last decades at the service of the Federal Government of Nigeria to help it resolve the growing myriads of challenges and seemingly intractable problems daily facing Nigeria and threatening her corporate existence and priceless integrity.”

“The Nigerian Government has, and must commit more sincerely to, the Constitutional duty to rid the nation of self-acclaimed religious fundamentalist groups such as Boko Haram, Islamic State of West Africa (ISWA), Fulani Militia Herdsmen, etc., that are freely roaming the Nigerian geographic territory with impunity and godless abandonment; visiting their venomous ire and brand of jungle justice on peoples of faith, decency and modernity.”, it said 

IVCUAF added,  “the Nigerian Government need to pay more earnest heed, now, to the cry of millions of Nigerians for the Restructuring of the country for greater and better political, social and economic efficiency, growth and development.”

Emphasizing that the several challenges facing the Federal Republic of Nigeria today, in terms of national security, tribalism, nepotism, structural inefficiency, civil unrest and political disunity  are not solely ascribable to the incumbent government of Nigeria but, rather are the making of successive governments from independence in 1960 till date,” the association said, “a critical and strategic takeoff point for the government of Nigeria, at the federal, then the state and local government levels, to begin to address the nation’s plethora of security, social, political and economic problems, is to recommit to the defense of the Constitutional rights of all Nigerians to freedom of religious worship and association”.

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