Rimin Gado’s misguided interview

I have heard and watched the radio interview with Hon. Muhyi Magaji Rimin Gado, the former chairman of anti-corruption commission in Kano state. Malam Gado is a wonderful person who was vice chairman of Rimin Gado local government during Malam Ibrahim Shekarau’s tenure from 2003 to 2007. Gado is quite controversial. I do not know the political strength of this noble man but he seems very courageous given his vocal challenges.

I do not know this young man of 45 years at  closely, but I appreciate his zeal as chairman of the anti-corruption agency of Kano state and to the best of my knowledge, he did remarkably well and very many people did appreciate his achievements.   

Gado six-year tenure at the Kano state anti-corruption outfit brought sanity to the system. Therefore, I excepted Barrister Muhyi Magaji Rimin Gado to maintain some reservations on why he was suspended by the House of Assembly. As a lawyer, he should not to come openly to the press because since the case is under investigation. Rimin Gado as a lawyer knows full well that he not grant interview to the press until when he is found guilty.    

The manner my beloved lawyer had spoken may back fire. The interview was unnecessary because it will give the opposition the opportunity to throw disgusting dynamite politically. 

This interview from the horse’s mouth will affect the well being of Kano because the whole chairman who should keep certain secrets has blown up. As chairman for six years, nobody would expect such vile of speech from Malam Gado. What we have heard from the State House of Assembly was about your disagreement to receive somebody as accountant from the Ministry of Finance as you have a close relative who is believed to be a junior officer or on grade level four for the post. This was the actual case being put forward, and nobody accused you of stashing dollars into you bank account.

The whole issues as being said by your were/are a new creative accusations of which the accountant general and the Kano House of Assembly did not bring to the public. My dear chairman, as I said earlier, your reputation was never dragged to the mud. Your quick presentation of the case to the public through radio interview can derail your dream to be exonerated. I believed in your innocence but the manner you open-up revealing the secret of the government has created doubt.

One needs to know how people like Mr. Ibrahim Magu of EFCC was treated and still under investigation. Magu was a police officer not a lawyer. He was EFCC chairman who faced a lot of challenges from both the politicians outside the corridors of power and the National Assemblywhole including and Ibadan axis of the press because he had their cases at hand. They did everything to make him feel guilty but he believed in the dictum that, if all the world hates you and believes you are wicked, while your own conscience absolves you from guilt, you would never be without friends.

So, this is what I thought Barrister Gado should have done and remain quiet until investigation is concluded. Gado should know that Governor Abdullahi Umar Ganduje of Kano state is not part of what happened. It is now time to see justice is done and in your quest to be a governor, you should not behave like some candidates who abuse the person of Ganduje.

 Comrade Ibrahim Abdu Zango

Chairman, Kano Unity Forum,

Kano, Nigeria