Ripples over Ebonyi gov’s aide’s resignation to save her marriage

The resignation of the immediate past special assistant to the of Ebonyi state on development, Deaconess Emerald Udeakaji, to save her marriage has continued to generate ripples in some quarters; TOPE SUNDAY writes.

The of Dave Umahi of Ebonyi state has witnessed mass resignations of his aides following his defection to the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC).

Umahi was the Chairman of the South-east governors’ forum before his defection, and has retained the position. However, his camp was gradually depleting following the mass resignations of his aides who have maintained allegiance to the PDP.

In all, the recent resignation of the Special Assistant to the of Ebonyi state on Development, Deaconess Emerald Udeakaji, last December to safe her marriage has generated so much debate.

Umahi’s defection

There had been several reports in the media alleging plans by Governor Umahi to defect to the ruling APC, however, the governor did not once debunk the publications as well as his affection and respect for Buhari, who is the leader of the APC.

His open display of loyalty and respect had made political observers insinuate and predict that he was likely to dump the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

Governor Umahi, on September 26, 2019, declared that he would sack any of his aides who insults Buhari, even as he warned that any appointee who insults any governor or downplays their achievements would have his or her terminated.

The governor, in a statement by his Special Assistant on New Media, Mr. Francis Nwaze, said: “The Ebonyi state Governor, David Nweze Umahi, has prohibited any of his political appointees from castigating or abusing the Nigerian President, Muhammadu Buhari. Doing such to any government or any governor in this country has no value to add to his .

“The governor has advised that anyone who wishes to throw unnecessary stone against any of the above mentioned , should, in his or her own best interest, get ready to leave his government as such will attract immediate sacking.

“Any posting, henceforth, against the President, any governor or government from any of his appointees will attract immediate termination of by him.”

However, after many months of suspense, political alignments and re-alignments, the governor dumped PDP and moved to the ruling APC citing ‘injustice his former party allegedly meted out to the South-east geo-political zone as his reason for leaving his former party.

He said he had no deal with the APC or any member of the party with regards to the zoning of the Presidency to the region in .

“I want to clear the air that I never sought (for) PDP presidential ticket and I will not. So, whoever that said that I moved to APC because they refused to zone the ticket to me is being very mischievous.

“There are a lot of qualified persons from South-east. Some people say I was promised lots of things by the APC, there was no such discussion. APC never promised me any position; they never promised South-east any position.

“However, I offer this movement as a protest to injustice being done to South-east by the PDP. Since 1999, the South-east has supported the PDP. At a time the five states were all PDP. One of the founding members of the PDP was from South-east, the late former Vice President, Alex Ekwueme.

“It is absurd that since 1999 going to , the South-east will never be considered to run for presidency under the PDP. And this is my position and will continue to be my position. It had nothing to do with me or my ambition,” Umahi said.

Udeakaji’s resignation

Remarkably, many of the former aides and commissioners in the Unahi’s cabinet declared in their letters of resignation that they were not ready to betray their party, the PDP; however, Udeakaji attributed her decision to saving her marriage.

In her a five-page letter dated December 30, 2020, and addressed to Governor Umahi, she said her action was borne out of family issues.

She said: “My resignation is borne out of family issues. I have given my 100 % loyalty to this government, but my family is tearing apart.

“As a deaconess (that) I am, I have to go back to study my scripture very well. In obedience to these scriptures, I decided to resign and save my marriage. Please bear with me for my children’s sake. I wish you well in your future political endeavour.”

Udeakaji’s resignation letter was a departure from convention and has kept people wondering what could have transpired between her and the governor.

Some users are of the view that her letter should be read with deeper understanding.

It shouldn’t be taken on face value

In her comment on the Darlington Ehondor said: “At face value, the reasons given for the resignation are just convenient posturing. Reading between and behind the lines, the real reasons may be hiding in plain sight.

“Read the scriptural quotes more intensely and contemplate their literal and figurative, or metaphorical inferences.

“It’s so evident that that the woman was fighting battles on both the home and work fronts. Anyone guess what those battles were.

“Anyway, thank God the home front prevailed, ultimately. Hell hath no fury like a beautiful woman that is harassed at work. You do the rest of the maths.”

Another user, Akindele Joshua, asked whether she was not permitted by her husband before taking up the .

“But wait o. Did our mummy not ask for permission from daddy before taking the ni? Abi daddy is seeing something wrong and threatening moves after? Or mummy just wanted to use it as an excuse to vacate a non satisfying government? Or she did not want to compromise her faith?”

Politics not good for women

But for Ms Aladejuyigbe Faburth Crafts, politics is not friendly to the Nigerian women. She said any woman in politics is a lost soul.

“Honestly, politics in Nigeria is not good for women. To me any woman in politics is a lost soul.

You’ll understand this woman better if you’ve been in situation or seen someone whose family isn’t peaceful because of their jobs, risks and dangerous activities that come with it.

“The truth is that so many people will quit their jobs the moment they realise the importance and value of a happy, united and peaceful family,” she said.

Another user simply identified as Nexd18 said: “I wish the woman well and hope the sacrifice is worth it. She even quoted a Bible verse in her resignation letter.”

But Kanu Se said: “Hope this is not some DNA things tearing her family apart.”

On his part, Adonni alleged that some powerful politicians might be wooing her for extra marital affairs.

He said: “Maybe some powerful politicians want to sleep with her to keep her appointment, you never know.”

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