Rukkaya and Kogi politics

Today as never before are we witnessing a large entrance into the political scene of Kogi state. Some see politics as an avenue to have a new address, for others it is an opportunity to have a taste of state resources and some see it as an avenue to enhance their curriculum vitae. But today we are about witnessing the emergence of a new thinking in the politics of Kogi state; a new philosophy birthed by the failures of the present political system that has deprived our state and people of the much expected dividend of democracy. The advent of this new political thinking and new ways of doing things politically is indicated by the entrance into the political stage of the new Amazon of Kogi’s politics, Hajia Rukkaya Ibrahim.

Rukkaya Ibrahim is a new progressive. She believes in human freedom and development. She believes that as progressives we need to do everything possible to give our people the tools to live their comfortably. She believes that politics should be used as a tool to enhance the growth and development of the society.

She believes that we are better off as a people and society if we work together and in working together we shall be our brothers’ keeper, as this togetherness will takes us on that path to growth and development. She believes our growth and development are impaired and stunted by the problems of leadership. The leadership deficit we have today is because for so long men and woman of no valour have been entrenched in our political and leadership system who have no business being there.

 She professes that to change our society we need to break away from the past when politics is seen as a game for the sake of self rather for the benefits of society. We need a new political orientation and philosophy, a philosophy that takes into cognisance of the need to make our governments work for the good and development of the man in the streets of our state’s disadvantaged towns and suburb.

 She reiterates the fact that change is the only permanent thing in life and for us to develop and sustain it, change we must. Despite the mistakes we have made in the past we must abide by the rules of positive politics, respect for human life and existence and giving the people tools to develop their God given potential. We must give the people the avenue to actualise their dreams by making the people’s dream take them as far as their potential and ability can drive them. These are her basic dream and aspirations in politics. She believes her people’s desire for development in its physicality has given them an impetus to do the right thing, which is standing behind the right leader when they see one.

 In the economic sense, she says that capitalism needs to be reinvented in this part of the world. She insists that we need a creative, sensible and disruptive ways to save capitalism. We need a system of government that recognises economic rights with responsibilities. She believes an economic system that makes a man a god to his fellow human being needs to be discarded in the spirit of togetherness and joint humanity. She also shares the philosophy in the market economy and the private sector as the engine of growth. She believes that the prosperous among us also has a responsibility in making society work by giving back to the society in the spirit of shared prosperity.

 Hajia Rukkaya believes absolutely in our common good. She has invested a lot of her capital in the development of her people. She believes also that in our own little ways we can galvanise the innate energy of our youths into meaningful endeavour. In fact, she has committed her life to fight the symmetric and asymmetric warfare of her people. The common folks in the society have the right to a meaningful life, that meaningful life she is in politics to elucidate for the benefits of her people. She is not connected to any vested interests in our state because she believes those vested interested have stood against the development of our people.

 Hajia Rukkaya understands the languages and needs of her people. She represents hope for the downtrodden. It is basically against this ground that she decided not to be a mere onlooker but a major participant in this our democratic journey. She knows that democracy entails the building of aggregate views of the majority and its translation into an action plan of the needs of the people when systematically and pragmatically implemented, translates to the development of the people.

We are convinced that her entrance into partisan politics is a triumphant one not only for herself but the entire people of Kogi state. Our people’s maturity spurred her confidence that our people recognise a leader when they see one. Rukkaya Ibrahim is a leader that can help our people translate their fear and hope into faith built by reality. She is a realist and that has helped her major first in all her undertakings. She has been familiar with the struggle of her people because she has been home with them all through. She believes the time has come for her people to enjoy the true dividend of democracy which has eluded them for so long. The call by her people for her to seek elective position to represent them in any capacity she so chooses to represent them is an indication of her grassroots appeal. This is the personality Kogi state deserves.

Comrade Aluta writes from Abuja via 08119563564.

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