Rules corps members don’t make fuss about

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National Youth Service Corps orientation camp is a regimented environment with rules that are upheld by soldiers, Man O War officials and police officers.
With the uniform officers, it is difficult to mess up. Even if you do with police and the Man’ O War officials, you dare not try it with the soldiers.
These men’s job is to make sure all corps members keep to the NYSC rules and regulations throughout the three-week orientation programme.
Corps members often violate one rule or the other out of youthful exuberance.
Breaking some of these rules could attract trial at the camp court. The rules:
Light out
Every activity in NYSC camp nationwide is brought to an end at 10pm when the beagle sounds for light out. Once the beagler comes around to announce light out, soldiers move around to ensure all corps members are in their hostels. Whoever is caught outside the hostel is punished.
Standing still for Nigeria
Another rule that is religiously observed in the camp is paying respect to Nigeria when she is going to bed at 6pm.
This, in all camps, no movement is allowed. Corps members are expected to stand still wherever they are once the trumpet is blown to lower the flag. Any corps breaks the ruled is doubled by the soldiers.
Wearing 6/7 for swearing in ceremony
The swearing-in ceremony, done in the first week of the orientation camp, requires all corps members to wear their NYSC attire which entails the cap, crested vest, khaki trouser, belt, socks and jungle boot, except the Khaki shirt.
White shirt on parade ground
Kits required of all corps members to wear to the parade ground are white shirts and shorts. NYSC rule does not permit you to wear anything on it. Not even your Khaki shirt.
Out of all the orientation camp rules, most corps members hardly grumble about these four. They see them as fun.


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