Ruling class impoverishing Nigerian masses – Group

A coalition of Labour, Civil Society Groups and Nigerian working class under the aegis of The People’s Alternative Political Summit (T-PAPS) has said except the Nigerian people take back control of the country it would continue in unending crisis.

In a press conference held at Praxis Center in Abuja, the Central Organising Committee of T-PAPS noted that the ruling class rather than work to advance the plight of Nigeria’s working class continued to impoverish them.

Jaye Gaskia, who read the text of the group’s statement, noted that since independence in 1960, the crises had been deep and endemic, oftentimes posing grave existential threat to the nation and her peoples.

“These crises often presented as combined political, economic, socio-cultural and ecological in nature and character have been the manifest hallmarks of the decades of crass failure of the ruling class, the dysfunctional character of the failed state and the failure of governance over which this incompetent, treasury looting and light-fingered ruling class have superintended.

“This process of intensification of the unconscionable and inhumane exploitation, repression, oppression and impoverisation of the working classes and peoples of Nigeria have only intensified since the 1999 return to civil rule,” he said.

Jaye, who is one of the conveners of the summit, insisted that the various protests of last year was a pointer to the fact that the people can take their destiny in their hands.

These recent processes are the clearest indication of the urgency for the organised, coordinated, and collective political intervention of the left movement and allied radical progressive social forces in Nigeria.

On fears the summit might the hijacked by the ruling class, the group stressed that “this process and alternative political initiative will deliberately exclude all the hegemonic political, economic and socio-cultural organisations of the ruling class and its multifarious factions. This process is open only to the organised platforms of the working classes and toiling masses.

“It is within this context that we issue this clarion call to all the oppressed working peoples of Nigeria to join us in this historic effort and initiative to work towards,” he added.

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