Sadique Abubakar: The truth and the lies

Bauchi state is an institution where politics and governance are being thought at different levels of elections. It is unarguable that it is the only state where power and money politics does not win elections for candidates. Those who were alive in 2007 have the pictorial view how the former governor of Bauchi state Mallam Isa Yuguda triumphed over the mighty Ahmed Adamu Mu’azu. Bauchians resisted all intimidation by the power players and support only what they believe was their franchise.

It is in the light of the above that the immediate past Chief of Air Staff and APC governortorial candidate Air Marshall Sadique Baba Abubakar is on the rescue mission to salvage the state.The saying goes that” good name is better than gold” and this clearly signifies to the world that the history of Nigeria’s triumph over terrorism in the North-east and other criminality across the country is incomplete without mentioning the name of the nation’s beggoten son who served the country mysteriously.

Saddique Abubakar, like President Muhammadu Buhari, is passing through many hurdles after accepting calls of the good people of Bauchi state to be their governor in 2023 on APC platform. Consequently, the narrative of exclusion being padded around that only a governorship candidate from Bauchi South can win elections is the highest injustice against the credibility and capacity questions of his person.

This is another syndrome created to lure Bauchians into another decade of political slavery even though the electorate are political tutors, having thought heavyweight politicians better political lessons.

The rulling APC has been battling to reconcile and reconnect to Bauchi state government house in 2023 and the best choice was the emergence of Saddique Abubakar as its flag bearer which is an easy ride for us as progressives. He is one of Bauchi best brains alive making him a viable option. We are sure this time, people will not play to the divide and rule of Bauchi south, Bauchi north and Bauchi central politics but to the politics of the 21st century where only credibility is the emphasis which, to a large extent, favours Sadique.

We have won this baseless argument on his person because records have it that Bauchi south in particular benifited more democratic dividend during the reign of kate Tatari Ali compared to his immediate zone.

The recent publication by Sahara Reporters, an online outlet specialised in denting the reputation of eminent Nigerians, followed a similar content by Desert Herald, a Kaduna based newspaper, contracted to dent the image of a Nigerian who has given his all for Nigeria to survive. It is nothing worth the attention of any right thinking son and daughter of the state but rather an attempt to decieve and create another circle of confusion among the good people of Bauchi state to continue mortgaging the future of present and unborn generations to a privileged few.

This is a man who has distinguished himself in service to humanity and the nation. Sadique Abubakar, an Air Force officer who has the record of flying all the war planes, has become a victim of Nigeria’s unprofessional and clueless journalism.

It is obvious that politics in Nigeria and Bauchi in particular is now business of the weak minded who cannot even think outside the box for the development of the state. Those selling the narrative of exclusion have already lost the game and are completely out of ideas and lack the knowledge that rotten fruits are not useless. The citizens of Bauchi state will not abandon their begotten son Sadique for this llusionary contracted writers.

Ukkasha Hamza Rahama,
National Chairman, APC Youth Progressives Forum,

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