Safiyinu Amira: Medical evaluation report’ll vindicate Police – Source

As part of investigation into the circumstances surrounding missing Abuja resident, Safiyinu Amira, who had raised the alarm on Twitter over her alleged kidnap, the FCT Police Command is set to release report of medical evaluation conducted on her in line with global best practices.

A senior police officer, Wednesday, assured Blueprint that the outcome of the medical evaluation would vindicate the Nigeria Police.

Safiyinu in a series of tweets had alleged that she was kidnapped alongside other victims, including three pregnant women and two children, at gunpoint from different parts of Abuja, last Tuesday, by men in police uniform and driven off in a van and later separated into two groups.

However, the FCT police in a statement, Friday, debunked Safiyinu’s claim that she was kidnaped, noting that personnel of the Command had found her and she was safe in police custody.

“The FCT Police Command wishes to categorically debunk the viral news of the alleged kidnapping of one Safiyanu Amira and 17 others who were reportedly abducted at gunpoint by Armed men in Police uniform on Tuesday June 14, 2022, at about 1:00 pm and to state that Safiyanu Amira is currently safe in Police custody.

“While she is currently in the hospital receiving medical attention as demanded by global best practices, the investigation continues and findings will be communicated subsequently.

“The Commissioner of Police FCT Command, CP Babaji Sunday psc, while commending the gallantry of the Tactical and Investigative apparatus detailed on the case, appreciated the members of the public for their calm maintained and the various degrees of useful information given to the Police,” the statement by the Deputy Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO), ASP Oduniyi Omotayo, said.

In a twist of events, Safiyanu has apologised in a tweet for misleading the public to believe her kidnap story.

Her tweet read, “Good day all, I would like to formally apologise to the general public, to the whole police department and my friends and family for misleading them with the below tweet, nothing of such happened and it was all just my delusions and negative thinking, I would also like to thank the IG and the CP Babaji Sunday for helping me through this may God reward them abundantly.

“I intentionally took myself out of our house, went to these locations, entered bushes and dehydrated and starved myself for four days just like that, there was no kidnapping, nothing at all, I truly apologize and please pray for me I need it.”

Speaking to our correspondent on the development, the police source, who didn’t want to be named said: “She is still in the custody of the police though currently undergoing some medical evaluations.

“How is someone in the hospital in Police custody at the same time you may want to ask? Well, a person in the custody of the police could enjoy an extended custody to medical facilities and attention depending on the need.”

Speaking further, the source said: “If I may say, the police is always at the receiving end of many things. But there are always two sides to a story, I urge you to wait for the side of the police. It might delay because of investigation but I am sure it will set records straight.”

The source further stated that: “Could she be doing damage control and playing on the emotions of many as she initially did? I strongly suggest you all visit her tweeter page to understand the type of person in question.”

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