Sardauna Badarawa’s spoils sport

The Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, senatorial primary election of Kaduna central which produced Lawal Adamu Usman (Mr LA) as the legitimate winner is being challenged by his closest rival, Usman Ibrahim, aka Sardaunan Badarawa. 

Though, Sardaunan Badarawa has the right to go to anywhere to prove the irregularities as alleged, the fact is that the Kaduna central primary election is the most transparent ever conducted in the history of the constituency. Lawal Adamu Usman got 99 votes while Sardaunan Badarawa polled 85 which placed him a distant second. 

The election was conducted under the watch of INEC officials, PDP representatives and agents. Soon after the result was announced, other candidates who contested the primary congratulated Lawal Adamu Usman and promised to work for his success. But Sardauna Badarawa protested, alleging over-voting and voting by proxy which he cannot substantiate.

In fact, the allegations are mere figments of his imagination as everybody knows Sardaunan Badarawa is crying wolf where there is none. His allegations are baseless and aimed at scuttling PDP’s chances in the forthcoming elections.

With the spoil game being played by Sardauna Badarawa, one is forced to refer to the letter by Kaduna PDP Youths Forum, published by many national dailies entitled “Sardaunan Badarawa: A mole in PDP? The letter was in response to his sudden defection from APC, a party he dined and wined with, to PDP. 

His coming to PDP elicited suspicions among party members. Now, his true colour has been exposed. It is undisputable that he is acting the script of his pay masters who are jittery with the PDP’s soaring popularity in Kaduna state. With Lawal Adamu Usman as the PDP candidate, Sardaunan Badarawa and his sponsors have become more frightened and confused. 

Their plans are to discredit the sanctity and validity of the primary through wild allegations.

However, at the end of this orchestrated political vendetta, truth shall set Mr LA free. Beyond the politics of sabotage and treachery which have become the hallmarks of Sardauna and his co-sponsors, Kaduna central is a home of enlightened personalities who will not play to the gallery. 

Lawal Adamu Usman’s remarkable victory in the recent primary election is due to his doggedness, commitment and ability to sustain PDP during its trying times. Although, he never held any political position, LA’s house has always been a Mecca of sorts. 

Last year, over N50 million scholarship was awarded to students in various institutions of learning across the state. Additionally, through his “LA Care Foundation”, over 42,000 youths and vulnerable women were trained and economically empowered. 

With his inspiring record of philanthropism, Lawal Adamu Usman is a candidate to beat in the 2023 election. Instead of Sardauna to build castle in the air, he should accept the result in good faith and return to his pay masters for another job.

Ibrahim Ibrahim,


Kaduna Central PDP 

Youths Awareness Forum, Kaduna.

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