SARS needs to be reformed

There have been uncountable allegations against the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) by Nigerians who have been victims of their unbecoming notoriety. On too many occasions, SARS officials have been responsible for the misfortune of the citizens they are supposed to guard against theft. In fact, their activities have reached criminal proportions. It is now their regular trademark to harass innocent people and force them to part with their money at gun points. Recently, an employer took to twitter to lament how SARS officers stopped his young employees and forcibly collected the hard-earned salaries which they were just paid. What makes them a real menace is that in most of these cases, those being accosted are truly innocent and well-intentioned. SARS men have been known to hide behind the false pretext of trying to burst internet fraudsters. As a result, they pin down young bearded men who appear to be well-dressed and who have cars or are just perceived to carry some cash. In some cases, it appears they just try their luck on random people.
The top officials of the force have not been calling their men to order. The government has been mute too. If there have been scapegoats and heavy sanctions, I believe concerns and damages in the wake of the SARS terror would have been much reduced by now.

Muyiwa Adeyemo,

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