Save Toto LGA: Letter to President Buhari


Mr. President Sir, in writing this letter to you, I am not oblivious of the fact that it is possible you may not have visited the place called Toto LGA, in . The area is largely an agrarian community of hardworking farmers, business men and women and fishermen.

Toto LGA is also home to a host of solid mineral resources, key among them, the best quality marble in the world – at least a world class researcher/geologist told me this about 10 years ago.

Mr. President, I have traversed the length and breadth of this country as a writer and journalist, I can authoritatively report that Toto LGA is uniquely one community where people have since prehistoric times scorned at the now common practice of demanding money for votes. Our people feel that money for votes is demeaning, and bribe taking is anathema to their culture.

You would agree with me, Mr President, that a community that sells its votes is doomed. It loses the moral right to demand for development projects when government is formed. This is because it has ceded that right the very day it took the bribe before casting the votes.

Without any prevarication, Nigerians must know that if we truly desire good governance in this country we cannot continue the morbid attitude of cash-for-votes as a basis for our choice of leaders.

However, Mr President, you know it is a convention all over the world that in politics, there is a sane but unwritten principle of give and take. When a people work hard to support political actors and have gone through the thick and thin to vote for them, then they may reserve the right to demand for development of their community from the leadership.

In this country, we have seen, in great amazement, a people who refused, against all entreaties, to support or vote the present administration to office but still have the temerity to launch daily social media attacks on the leaders and the administration, while demanding for the highest political appointments in the present administration. In spite of all the vitriolic attacks, this administration has approved and given them roads, bridges and other projects worth billions of naira. As things still stand, they are not done yet until they get an arm!

Mr. President, I would humbly request you to please go back into your political records, dating to 2003. You would discover that the people of Toto LGA have been consistent from then till date in demonstrating their faith in your brand because we believe that deserves to break away from the cankerworm of corruption, security crises and the poor infrastructure which defined the way things were done for so long. We saw in you that capacity to tackle the ills of our society and proffer sustainable solutions. Today, there is evident that this administration is leading the way to reclaim our nation from the enemies within. Our support for you over the years has been justified!

Mr. President, we have been patient for four years to have a feel of the dividends of your administration. It would appear, however, that our patience is not yielding any benefit or resolving our travails as there is no one to present our problems to the appropriate quarters. Thus, we resort to writing you this letter.

Mr. President, our people are highly educated; they can hold the highest office in this country and function excellently but the purpose of this letter is not to ask for political appointments, not because we don’t need them but it would have to be first things, first!

Mr. President, Sir, I am a living witness to the huge investment this administration has made in infrastructure development across the six geo-political zones of this country in the past four years. The people of Toto LGA request that you kindly give unto us also a piece of the action by considering the re-construction of the Abaji-Toto-Nasarawa road.

The Abaji-Toto-Nasarawa road has remained neglected by past administrations. This road, passing through a combination of rich agricultural and solid mineral zone, is highly beneficial to ’s economic development.

 This federal road also has the advantage of providing an alternative route for, especially, heavy duty vehicles and other commuters in the North-South movement and vice versa, thereby reducing the stress on the Abaji-Abuja-Keffi road.

In its current poor state, the Abaji-Toto-Nasarawa road has turned to a nightmare for the communities living there. Already, armed robbers, bandits and many other shades of criminals, taking advantage of the deep potholes, have made life hellish for the innocent inhabitants and other users of the road. Mr. President, please do this road for us!

I believe, Mr. President, one of your agenda, which is to tackle insecurity, is well worth it. All over the world, crime rates are on the rise; is not an exception. The heat the Nigerian Armed Forces have turned on is winning, especially in the North-east conundrum. It would appear, however, that bands of bandits fleeing the heat have found in Toto, an operational base. Our people are regularly under attack. Kidnappers now visit at night to pick humans away, like chickens, from their houses and mindlessly demand ransoms in millions from poor folks; failure which the victims’ lives are wasted. Mr. President, beef up security in our communities because we know you love this country and you have the capacity to bring back sanity.

Lastly, Mr. President, Toto LGA is one of the most populated LGAs in . And the influx of visitors is daily on the increase, probably owing to the proximity of Toto to Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory. We request the siting of a federal institution of higher learning here. Tertiary institutions have opened up communities and brought ripple development opportunities to hitherto small enclaves. It is our plea, Mr. President, that your kind consideration to site, at least one institution here, would bring life-changing opportunities to our communities and our people.

Mr. President, we know for a fact that you are a caring father and an uncommon leader because you have, in more ways than one, demonstrated a rare sense of respect and love for the common man and his aspirations.

 I am trusting that you will come to our aid, wipe our tears, save us the agony and grant us the aforementioned requests.

Thank you, Your Excellency.

God bless Toto LGA!

God bless Mr. President!!

God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria!!!

Ohitoto writes via [email protected]

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