SDP calls for post-COVID 19 economic plans

The Social Democratic Party (SDP) has urged the federal government to initiate aggressive post COVID 19 pandemic recovery plan that would strengthen the economy.

The party said such plan would ensure that the harsh impact of the post-pandemic economic depression is not beyond control and too damaging to the psyche of the populace.

The SDP made the call while felicitated with all Nigerians, particularly the Muslim compatriots, on the special occasion of Eid el Fitr which marks the end of the holy month of Ramadan.

A statement signed by the SDP national chairman, Prof Tunde Adeniran, said it is necessary to keep the economic plan afloat to build up confidence in the system and ensure that basic structures remain functional.

“On the economic front, we submit, once again, that a creative and effective post-COVID economic recovery plan is an imperative in the face of downturns and imminent economic recession facing the country.”

Adeniran said it pleases God to grant all Muslims the grace to participate in this important spiritual exercise and for them to witness the end of it, despite the on-going global devastation of Covid-19 pandemic.

A statement from the publicity department of the party in Abuja said, “Having gone through the Ramadan of this year under unprecedented difficult circumstance and observed the enriching values of the holy exercise, it is most fitting for all Muslim faithful at this critical time that humanity is faced with a huge existential challenge, to live and be guided in their daily engagements by the dictates and injunctions of Ramadan so as to please Allah and also further attract to their lives the associated benefits.

“While trusting that we would soon defeat this invincible war by the help of Allah, as a nation, there is the need for all of us to resolve to come together as one people under the Almighty God and work towards combating the ravaging pandemic that has no regard for religion, status and age. Every one of us must take responsibility.

“While the SDP commends the spirited efforts that are being made by the federal and state governments in managing the deadly scourge and its attendant heightened socio-economic disruptions, our health workers at the front line of the war, who are the bearers of the burden of providing the required services in the treatment of infected people and also in its containment, deserve national commendation and the best of support that the Governments can give them in appreciation of their heroic devotion to duty and commitment to country.

“This category of compatriots deserves nothing less than public adulation. Moreover, while they continue to make great sacrifices on their line of duty, they should be well-motivated, provided with the needed security cover and accorded their deserved respect and dignity, particularly by the Nigeria Police that is saddled with that important responsibility.

“As the federal government scales-up its assortment of activities towards managing Covid-19, it is important for its attention to still be drawn to the need for a quickening of actions and the implementation of economic plans to impact the welfare of the citizens.

“It is now a matter of fact that hustling for survival during the windows of the easing of lockdowns across the country accounts for the worrisome record of gross violations of the health advisories, especially with regard to social distancing by the people. In view of this concern, there is need for stricter enforcement of the regulations in the interest of all.

“While we also pray for the repose of the souls of all our compatriots who have fallen victims of this pandemic, we hope for a great manifestation of the healing hands of Allah on our land in all areas of our national life as we forge ahead in our quest to build a greater Nigeria.”

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