SDP has capacity to move Nigeria forward – Falae

The National Chairman of the Social Democratic Party (SDP), Chief Olu Falae, has said that the APC-led government has failed the country woefully in all ramifications, saying only his party is capable of moving the nation forward.

Falae made this known in Enugu at the weekend when the party unveiled its manifesto ahead of the 2019 general elections.

The SPP boss who was represented at the occasion by the National Vice Chairman, South East, Chief Ebenezer Ikeyina, lamented that “the ruling APC has wasted our time these past three years,” citing the numerous killings across the country as part of the degradation in Nigeria.

He said should Nigerians give SDP a chance, the party would show that it’s capable of moving the nation forward.

Falae, who said that their party’s agenda was to magnify Nigerian people and restructure the federation, pointed out that “any Nigerian that does not support restructuring is an enemy of the country.”

He also pointed out that Nigeria is a country everybody should be proud of, nothing that the SDP government would change the face of governance if given the chance.

Speaking earlier, the Enugu state chairman of SDP, Barr John Nwobodo, lamented that Nigeria was at the crossroads waiting for visionary leaders as an SDP government would offer should they assume power.

“Nigeria today is in a dire strait.  We are in a crossroads, puzzled and perplexed.  We can get out of the doldrums of misery, penury, poverty, insecurity.  Nigeria’s deliverance and salvation is in your hands, in my hands and our hands.

“Nigerians have never been despaired, despondent and disconsolate as we are today.  Never before in history, have we been so enmeshed and embroiled in man-made afflictions and suffering characterised by hunger, poverty, joblessness, avoidable deaths, ethnic cleansing, and internal displacement due to terrorism and herdsmen killings.

“In short, the APC led federal government has failed to meet the yearnings and aspirations of Nigerians,” Nwobodo lamented, pointing out that the SDP government would give Nigeria a new lease of life with a well thought out and articulated manifesto.

Nwobodo said that the party has a 12-point manifesto theme which they will spread among their members in the states, local governments and wards.

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