Sean Dampte, Depro collaborate on new single Mon Bebe

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Nigerian music sensation Sean Dampte is set to collaborate with industry prodigy and savage music talent, Depro on a new single titled, Mon Bebe.

This is sequel to a successful first ever live in concert in the city of Lagos, where Sean thrilled fans with an unforgettable performance.

This collaboration defines Sean’s path into the New Year and shows consistency and hard work which make many to wonder whether he ever gets days off. It also makes Sean resonates the prowess of younger artistes like Khabir, Raye Chella and now, Depro.

This hit song joins his track record in the music industry as a dependable figure who has eyes for auspicious singers. Depro would hence be depicted as a dutiful rising star whose head is fitting right in the game – an indication of another likened singer who applies no STOP warning.

His stunning performance at the #SeanDampteLiveInConcert earlier this year will not go unmentioned as it trails his series of previous tireless activities from his school, Federal University of Technology, Owerri in Imo state.

It has been a long time coming for Depro who has done everything within and beyond his wits to crack out of the underground stratum and as he marks this year as one to be more exceptional than he has ever explored in his career path.

Teaming with Sean Dampte on Mon Bebe waters his way into his vision for the year to go over and above.

The Joey Benks produced track gives off the complete touch of excellence with an unarguable quality.

Mon Bebe is an unexpectedly soul-deep song, a reflection of intense thug-loving, and made to fit multifaceted tempo whether high or mid. It is ruled out of the low cadence category of song, with a part of its composition agreeing with a call and response pattern.

A song to be enjoyed, learnt word for word, experienced and embodied. Subsequent timelines during the course of the year will involve the conversation about Depro’s perfect blend with Sean Dampte on this track.

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