Secession: Remaining together is best – Kumuyi

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The General Superintendent, Deeper Life Bible Church, Pastor William Kumuyi, has urged Nigerians to stay together, saying this would be the best for the country.

The octogenarian and erudite preacher stated this Monday after his message on the fifth day of the six day crusade in Abuja, the nation’s capital. It was broadcasted via zoom and other social media platforms.

He stated that as the church continues to pray for the nation, God will give the final solution.

He said: “Without prayers, what would the condition of the country have been? There is nothing prayers cannot do. Prayers can stop, slow down or delay the rate of destruction or devastation. We should be thanking God, although we have not seen the end of the tunnel, but the Lord is still on the throne. While we are praying, we believe that God will give us the final solution.”

On corruption in Nigeria, the clergyman said it would amount to dodging the question if one is to say there is no corruption in Nigeria, but that the message of salvation and repentance will help bring an end to corruption.

“There is corruption, but we don’t know where to place the blame. But with the message of repentance, which is why we are having this programme, because we know that God can touch anyone. If we believe, God is going to bring an end to the problem of corruption,” he stated.

And on the agitation for secession, he admonished that the right thing be done by all saying: “We thank God for democracy, because in a democratic government, people have freedom of speech, and when you have a population of over 120 million within a country, not everyone will be satisfied with the way the country is being run.

“In our country, we have people agitating for independence, but they don’t represent the majority of the citizens and even the leaders from those regions don’t support that move. And I will say that we shouldn’t over heat the situation. What we are looking for is peace. So, once there is correction of what we are complaining about, staying together would be the best. But again, everybody has the freedom to speak out their minds.

“We should look at the difficulties and various things that would happen if we break up. But if we correct the problems agitating our minds, I believe that things will be alright,” he said.

On the impact of the programme, he said individuals have testified as to the impacts in their lives, both spiritually, emotionally, psychologically and physically. And that the ripple effects will be seen on the nation.

“But we need to understand that just one evening cannot solve the whole problem, as we continue loving each other, trusting God and uniting ourselves more as a nation, we will see more of the results,” he said.

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