Security vote durable form of corruption -CSO’s

Civil Society groups including the Civil Society Legislative Advocacy Centre (CISLAC) has described the “so called ” security votes as one of the most durable forms of corruption that exists in Nigeria.

According to the groups, the total security votes spent is N241.4 billion ,which is more than 70% of the annual budget of the Nigerian Police Force (NPF).

While addressing the media yesterday in Abuja , the Program Manager of CISLAC, Anya Okeke, said despite nearly 500% of increased military budgets over the last decade, front line troops still complain about lack of equipment and resources to combat insurgency.

Okeke,said corruption has literally killed tens of thousands of people across Nigeria due to corruption in the security sector.

On Judiciary and Anti-Corruption convictions, Ezenwa Anummu, from Lawyers Network Against Corruption (LAWNAC), said the Monumental corruption and Kleptocratic governance have brought Nigeria in 2018 to the nation with the highest number of people living under extreme poverty level in the world .

He said despite some indisputable evidence, many corrupt politicians and businessmen and women seem to be above the law and out of reach of law enforcement .

Also, the Programme Coordinator of African Centre for Leadership ,Strategy and Development , Uchenna Arisuku, called that our security agencies and personal should be equipped to defend the nation and porous borders that allow inflow of illicit weapons and money laundering .

He said Citizens should ensure that they vote for candidates with known and demonstrated intregrity and shun vote selling .

According to him, assets declaration for elected officials ,senior public servants and judges should be in the public domain and be open to the scrutiny of the citizens .

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