Seek God’s face with prayer, cleric tells Christians

 The Auxiliary Bishop of Catholic Archdiocese of Abuja, Rev   Anselm Umoren, has urged Christians to use fasting and prayer as tools for transforming their lives and getting closer to God.

Umoren made this call in an interview at a prayer rally  to end a 35-day of fasting and prayer in Abuja.

The fasting and prayer event, which was organised by the Catholic Charismatic Renewal of Nigeria (CCRN), started on December 29 and ended with a prayer rally on February 2.

“The prayer and fasting session is of no use, if it does not transform your life; that is a basic thing, as fasting has to do with sacrifice.

“It is a way of sanctifying your body so that you can be in tune with God.

“If you fast and pray for 35 days and you are still that envious person, you are still that wicked person and you are still a jealous person, you have just wasted 35 days.

“It is a time to strengthen your life with God, it is a time to strengthen yourself and it is also a time to transform your life.

“So that you can be a better person and in being a better person, you attract the blessings of God to yourself,’’ he said.

Earlier, the bishop had urged members to continue to deepen their relationship with God through the experience of the 35- days of fasting and prayer.

“Thè prayer project has ended but do not relax in your walk with God because the prayer project is meant to help you to live a pleasing life.

“You have been equipped to combat the challenges of life and I pray that this prayer project will not be your end of walk with God,’’ he said.

The chairman Abuja Archdiocesan Service Team of CCRN,  Mr Vitus Chukwudolue said the 2020 prayer project was unique because it drew the attention of members to earthly and heavenly rewards.

Chukwudolue said the theme of the 2020 prayer project was ‘Victor’s Reward,’ saying “you are called a victor, when you have succeeded and before you get the reward, you must struggle for it.

“An athlete will not win without a competition.  We are in competition in this world, but we are sure of receiving our reward if we do not give up both on earth and in heaven,’’ he said.

Some of the members who have been participating in the prayer project testified to the grace and blessings they have received in the course of the event.

A coordinator of Garki deanery, Mr Francis Amaefula, said the programme started in 2005 and he had benefited immensely from it.

“I was among those who believed God for a child for 10 years and it was one of these programmes that I received my long-awaited blessing.

“Today, I can proudly say that I have two children and am still counting our blessings,’’ he said.

Similarly, Mrs Florence Asuelimen, a member from Bwari Deneary, said it was a wonderful programme that prepared the members for a new year. (NAN)

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