Senate can’t be rubber stamp to Buhari, APC Senator declares

An All Progressives Congress (APC) Senator, representing Imo North, Ben Uwajumogu, has said that the current 9th Senate will challenge President Muhammadu Buhari, if the need arises, dismissing the rubber stamp tag. 

The Senator who was at the APC national secretariat, Thursday told newsmen that the legislature and the executive must not always agree but, “We must disagree in some aspect but at the end of it all, must agree, for sake of the masses.”

Senator Uwajumogu also said that the 9th Assembly has done well by working with the executive to ensure economic fortune of the country. 

He said: “At every point in a Democratic set up, there is always a majority party in any legislature.  So,  if the Senate is dominated by APC does not make it a rubber stamp.  In the last dispensation, the Senate was dominated by APC yet, we never saw eye to eye with the executive.

“Everything depends on leadership which desires to work with the Executive. That does not mean the Senate has become a rubber stamp. 

“I don’t think the Constitution designed separation of power in order to develop a war between the executive and the legislature,  they are supposed to complement each other. If we don’t work together, there will be no way we can have development in the country.”

He said if there are issues between the two bodies, there must be resolution for sake of democracy and the people, admitting that the President Muhammadu Buhari has provided leadership to the extent that most of what he tabled were consented by the National Assembly.

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