Senate considers bill to establish Agric College in Rivers

The Senate Tuesday passed for second reading, a bill seeking the establishment of Federal College of Agriculture in Abuja/Odial, Rivers state.

The upper legislative chamber said the institution, when established, would not only address the educational needs of the people of Rivers West Senatorial District, but also serve as a research and training centre for the development of agriculture and agriculturists in the country.

The Federal College of Agriculture (Establishment) Bill, 2021, was sponsored by Senator Betty Apiafi (PDP Rivers West).

Senator Apiafi, while leading debate on the bill, which was read for the first time in November 23, 2021, said: “Over 80 percent of the people in the district are involved in agriculture, hence a major reason to establish an agricultural institution to promote and enlighten the indigents and Nigerians as a whole on current best practices in the sector.”

The lawmaker said the College of Agriculture, through agricultural education, training, research, and development could have a direct impact on poverty reduction by increasing farm productivity, subsequent increase in food supply, creating employment opportunities for both skilled and unskilled labour, and reducing the cost of food crops due to availability.

She added that the institution, when established, would help accelerate agricultural growth rate, enhance the income of farmers, transform educational infrastructures, yield quality agricultural products and generate employment opportunities in the sector.