Senator-elect warns against vote buying

A Senator-elect in Osun West, Engr Adelere Oriolowo, has called on Nigerians to join hands in fighting the monetization of politics which he described as bad omen for the development of Nigeria.

He warned Nigerians against collecting money as a precondition to vote for candidate in the Saturday House of Assembly election in Osun state.

Speaking with our correspondent on the challenges he had during the last election that produced him as Senator, Oriolowo described vote buying as a “very bad thing” that is causing poor performance of elected officials.

He observed that monetization of politics does not help in liberating Nigeria from poverty but rather contributing to poverty.

According to Oriolowo, journalists also have role to play in sensitising electorates to know the danger in selling their votes.

He said the development of Nigeria is a joint task that left no one, insisting that politicians would continue to perform poorly as long as people decide to collect money for vote.

“No voter can live on N2,000 for one week. If N7million is used judiciously, especially if spent on agriculture, it would have a long term effect on the people instead of given 3,500 people who can not spend it more than a week.

He reiterated his promise to embark on programmes that would improve standard of living of Osun West Senatorial district.

Oriolowo who also maintained that agriculture remains the best way to engage unemployed youths, insisted that Nigeria can be great if leaders are sincere.

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