Senator Yaroe’s passion for his people

“Leadership is the capacity and will to rally men and women to a common purpose and the character which inspires confidence” – Bernard Montgomery, British Field Marshal

That Nigeria is currently at crossroads, a development occasioned by dearth of selfless leadership is not debatable. Little wonder, late Prof. Chinua Achebe in his seminal work, “The Trouble with Nigeria,” attributed all the nation’s challenges to the bane of leadership.

But in the midst of this sad reality, there are few others, who in spite of human foibles, have remained true to their consciences and their fatherland. Though, few and far in between, this class of Nigerians, due to their unique understanding of the concept of leadership (not rulership), have become powerful agents of change.

Current theories of charismatic leadership have emphasised primarily the personality and behaviour of leaders and their effects on followers, organisations and the society. This explains why, and how the relationship between a charismatic leader and followership can generate social change!

Inasmuch as the nation’s benighted polity is saturated with all manner of despicable characters parading themselves in positions of leadership, a development that has left the citizenry completely disillusioned, arguably, there are a few others, who have refused to be manacled by mindless opportunism. They are like oasis in the vast desert called Nigeria. Even at the risk of being branded a sycophant, I dare say that the incumbent Senator representing Adamawa South Senatorial District, Senator Binos Dauda Yaroe, belongs to that class of Nigerians that have consistently said no to business-as-usual mantra of those who have seized Nigeria by the jugular.

As a leader and politician, who is caring and sensitive to the yearnings of his people, the senator recently decided to extend free medical services to members of his constituency.

Recall that for several years running, the people of the senatorial district have suffered untold hardships occasioned by attacks from insurgents in North-east Nigeria and herdsmen. The week long free medical outreach hosted by the Lutheran Church of Christ in Nigeria, LCCN, Health Centre, Demsa, from August 11-17, 2019, which was sponsored by Senator Yaroe, was implemented by two NGOs, Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) and Soteria-Afrique Rural Health Care.

The highpoints of the programme entailed proper diagnosis and treatment of various types of ailment (medical and surgical), health education, re-organization of some health facilities, training of health workers in addition to supplies of non-medical, but health-related items such as insecticide treated nets, reading glasses, tooth brushes, foot wears and clothing materials among other things.

During the week long programme, a total of 8,030 patients were attended to by over 80 medical personnel. Out of this staggering number of beneficiaries,  162 got ophthalmic surgeries; 204 general surgeries; 1,009 persons received general eye care services; 764 benefited from laboratories services and 400 patients got medical/reading glasses. However, it must be stressed here that a total of 7,500 persons were initially envisaged for treatment, while 400 persons were earmarked for surgery.

One of the outstanding beneficiaries of the senator’s kind-hearted free medical programme is a 24-year old Edmond Eli Homoshe, from Kpasham, Demsa local government area of Adamawa state, who regained his sight after treatment.

Mr. Edmond Eli Homoshe, who became blind at the age three when he was hit by a friend in the eyes while playing, regained his sight after over 21 years of blindness, following the free medical services he received from the programme.

Apart from Master Edmond, there were several other special ailments that the medical team was able to treat such as a man from Mayo Balwa local government area, a hernia patient of over ten years, who got healed after undergoing surgery.

According to Senator Yaroe, the free medical outreach would be made a biannual event for the people of the senatorial zone, just as he assured that he was having consultations with some partners in the US, who had shown interest to support future medical endeavours that would be organised more regularly and on a bigger scale.

As a true servant-leader with a heart of gold, Yaroe decided to hit the ground running, shortly after his inauguration as a Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. That he was able to pull through this laudable free medical programme for members of his constituency barely three months after his inauguration as a member of the 9th National Assembly, even when fellow senatorial colleagues are yet to find their feet, speaks volumes about the catholicity and profound depth of his attachment to his people.

Senator Yaroe is a man of high and refined culture, with a sophisticated taste. It is becoming glaring by the day that his insights into the various needs of his people are very original and disarming. One of the monumental assets of the senator yet to be understood by undiscerning Nigerians is his unparalleled commitment to the unity of Nigeria; the needs and aspirations of his people.

It is this his famed friendly disposition to the plight of the less-privileged in the society that has been largely responsible for his extension of consistent support to his people and other Nigerians in terms of facilitating employment for the jobless; scholarship for indigent students, cutting across all institutions of learning, etc.

That is not all, as Yaroe’s consistent rejection of vulgar sectionalism, a vice that has been nibbling at the nation’s unity and encumbered its accelerated development, ought to chasten other Nigerians enslaved to the narrow strictures of ethnicity. Much more importantly, is his undying fidelity to freeing his people from the clutches of poverty and wanton degradation which stands as a rebuke to the traitorous behaviour of many highly placed Nigerians in the public and private sector.

Judging from the way and manner Yaroe has started his four-year senatorial dance so far, it will not be out of place to conclude that when he breasts the tape of his tenure in 2023, the reverberations of his monumental achievements will continue to linger in the minds of the people for several decades. Of course, he would have left a legacy as an uncompromising tribune of the people, a great evangelist of social and political reform, a matchless propagandist and an acknowledged Nigerian patriot.

Mr. Wabundani is media consultant to Senator Binos Yaroe. He writes via [email protected]  

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