Seven days too long for Nigerians to survive, Senator Adeyemi tells Buhari 

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Senator Smart Adeyemi (APC Kogi West ) hit hard on the Federal Government Saturday over persistent scarcity of Naira notes for Nigerians to cash, for their daily needs.

Senator Adeyemi who at a press briefing in Abuja reacted to the crisis the scarcity is creating in the polity , said if the situation is not urgently addressed , the peace and stability of Nigeria is seriously being threatened as Nigerians are already going violent.

He pointedly declared that the seven days assurance given to Nigerians on ending the crisis by President Muhammadu Buhari on Friday after meeting with the APC governors, was too long, as many of them may not survive the agonising pain being inflicted on them by the badly implemented cashless policy.

The Central Bank Governor, Goodwin Emefiele, he added, is receiving curses from Nigerians on the policy on daily basis and should be wary of the imminent consequences.

“As good as the cashless policy may be , the implementation so far is bad and wicked , going by untold hardships ordinary Nigerians are subjected to , on daily basis.

“How would a policy be conceived without taking into consideration, survival of the downtrodden masses who live on daily pay or earnings.

“As good as this policy is, we should not allow the poor masses to carry the pains for the atrocity committed by the elites.

“I want to tell the President Muhammadu Buhari that seven days is too long a time for solution to the problem on ground.

“Being a statesman who fought for the unity of this country and a man who was doggedly committed to rule this country, I’m calling on President Buhari  that seven days is too long a period. The pains that Nigerians are experiencing is too much. 

“Three days is like one year for people to bear. I am saying this because we were elected not appointed, so I have the responsibility to give the feedback of the pains of the people that elected us. 

“Those elected are the direct contact to the people. In some instances people are paying N2500 to get N10, 000 of the old notesnot even there notes.

“Those artisans who live on daily earnings  are dying silently and I want to support all the positions taken by Mallam Nasir El-Rufai and the President should listen.

“We that are speaking out are the friends, we are his children who loves him so that this government should succeed and hand over on May 29th peacefully.

“We have contributed so much for the enthronement of democracy and some of us will not allow for democracy to be derailed in any way.

“This is a threat to peace and tranquility of the country and that is what is giving room for interpretation, and insinuations that some people around Buhari are behind but rightly so rightly wrong but there are reasons to believe,” he said

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