‘Sex worker’ strips to protest arrest

A suspected commercial sex worker, who was apprehended by the JTF officers at Garki, Area 10 office of the Federal Capital Territory Social Development Secretariat, discarded her clothing in protesting against arrest.
The raid on prostitutes was carried by a joint task force comprising, among others, officials of the Abuja Metropolitan Management Council, FCT SDS, and Abuja Environmental Protection Board.
The yet-to-be-identified woman, one of the 30 suspected commercial sex workers arrested during the raid, insisted she was innocent and took off of her clothes, shouting:
“I want the whole world to see. Am I a prostitute? I want everybody to see how the government is treating innocent people.”
Meanwhile, the SDS secretary, Mrs. Blessing Onuh, assured that the administration intends to rid the streets of Abuja of all forms of nuisance, including prostitution.
In a similar vein, the coordinator of the AMMC, Arch. Reuben Okoya, said the council would take drastic actions against hotels owners who condone and harbour prostitutes in their premises, as well as against those residents who convert their houses to havens for commercial sex workers.
Mohammed said he expected “drastic changes in the areas of environment (particularly garbage collection, social menaces like street hawking, begging and commercial sex workers), as well as enforcement of total ban on commercial motorcycles (okada) in designated areas.”

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