Sex workers fight dirty on New Year day

By Chidiebere Iwuoha


Two commercial sex workers who came to Owerri from Port-Harcourt to explore the potentials of the city, eventually sorted themselves out through a big fight watched by not less than 20 people who were returning from end of year night virgil.
The scene of the fight was the Dreamland Hotel/ Las Vegas Hotel junction at World Bank Housing Estate, Owerri.
The cause of the fight was that the fat sex worker, reported to have divorced three months after wedding, claimed that her friend whom she gave her hand bag, failed to return with it and when she asked her she said she had to run away from her hotel room where she was having fun with a man.
The fat one who did not take it lightly insisted that she should take her to the person to recover the bag. But her refusal resulted in the fight, with the fat one threatening to kill her. In a twinkle of an eye, they inflicted on themselves serious injuries with blood gushing out from their bodies with their clothes torn into shreds.


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