SGBV: Ekiti First Lady laments inadequate implementation framework in Nigeria

The First Lady of Ekiti state, Erelu Bisi Fayemi , has expressed concern over the inadequate implementation of framework as part of the challenges concerning Sexual Gender Base Violence (SGBV) in the country . 
Erelu Fayemi in her keynote speech at the launch of “Orange Pages: Directory of SGBV Responders and Service Providers in Nigeria” in Abuja on Tuesday, also highlighted other challenges such as the lack of financial Technical materials and Human Resources, lack of data, lack of provision, coordination and continuity . 
The launch of Orange Pages: “ Directory of SGBV Responders and Service Providers in Nigeria” was organized by Invictus Africa in collaboration with Open Society Initiative for West Africa. 
She called on collective responsibilities among Government institutions and stakeholders to work together on the implementation of legal and policy framework. 
She further called for the continuation to provide treatment, care and protection of SGBV survivors adding that a lot of more robust community engagement needs to be done in the languages that should be understood at the local level interms of provision and accessibility. 
Also, the Senior Special Assistant to the President on Rule of Law ( Office of the Vice President) Dr Fatima Waziri-Azi also observed that legal awareness is a major barrier noting that the realization requires a commitment from everyone . 
She assured that the office of the Vice President will continue to amplify SGBV issues and they will also continue to work with major stakeholders.
She also lauded the Directory for providing information on SGBV and commended Osiwa for their consistent supports.  
Also, the Executive Director of Invictus Africa , Bukky Shonibare explained that the Directory contains the direct information of civil society organizations, sexual assault referral centres, organizations, government agencies from across the six geopolitical zones of Nigeria so survivors of gender-based violence can access help anytime and anywhere they need it.

She also said they will consolidate all information that are available, go through their methodologies and work with Government institutions, NGOs among others . 

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