SGF Mustapha: Passion to serve humanity

“Years ago in the land of Sodom and Gomorrah, men were living a promiscuous lifestyles, turning themselves reprobates with animal mindset. Virgins were found in the Land. No matter the gross moral decadence of Nigeria, we can boast of thousands of people with high level of integrity. Boss is one of them”.

One notable Nigerian is a man decked with the passion to serve God in delivery and availing himself to the service of mankind. Today in the history of our dear nation, I have seen yet another good Nigerian who believes in the dream of our founding fathers. His loyalty to Muhammadu Buhari, an honest Nigerian president, is a team of liberators and fighters in ensuring the country stands tall in the league of nations.

Barrister Boss Mustapha Gidahyel, is a name loud ringing a bell in the political scene of Nigeria for over five decades, a man who is tall and standing tall for justice to prevail to whoever deserves justice. A senior scribe of the Government of the Federation, he toils day and night, works 24/7 to see Nigeria and Nigerians better served. Boss keeps the assurance to work for all under the able leadership of his principal, President Buhari.

The wonder in this man is the fear of God in him even when many have a contrary view that there cannot be righteous politicians; uprightly and rightly I can be quoted to say that Pst Boss is a genuine Christian, who strongly believes in the creed of godliness and goodness anywhere he goes.

He is son of a retired teacher of blessed memory from Adamawa state, North Eastern Nigeria. This zone is said to have produced a proud son; tthe Hoba (Kilba) is no doubt a privileged tribe in Nigeria to have given birth to a noble son of huge moral virtues.

I see him as a great reformist, a radical socialist, and a man with a wealth of experience on conventional and spiritual matters to reshape the country with his artifacts, crafting and molding wisdom laying within him as great abilities to have a good nation.

With him as the Secretary to the Government of the Federation (SGF), I see Nigeria becoming a better country, a proud nation envied of all nations on the planet earth.

Boss is a man with ardent loyalty to President Buhari who I can say that he is a stanchion upholder of democratic norms and values, a true believer of the oneness of Nigeria, a one, united, indivisible country. This man is multi dimensional silent achiever who has never blown his trumpet to celebrate himself of doing good to humanity. His desire Is Nigeria under the leadership of President Buhari better for all Nigerians.

Being close to him as his arch supporter, I realised this in him that he is a man that always sees himself a privileged Nigerian who needs to do more for the nation that is in dire need of good leaders. I can say it anywhere without shadow of doubt that Boss is really working and bringing dividends of democracy in Adamawa state.

The many federal government’s projects scattered across the state are the hand work of this humble man (Boss), he facilitated most of the projects you are seeing in this state.

His honesty, believe of being good to people is service to God and does not need much acknowledgement or praises by anyone. This has made Boss a unique leader among many others that I know.

He has done quite a lot of things to individuals, organisations and corporate bodies. He facilitated many federal government’s projects which are visible across the state.This is one thing I know: the nan is a passionate humanitarian, he does his things hundred percent because of God and humanity.

No wonder, recently many APC supporters including party officials gathered at City Green Hotel In Yola and appreciated him for not disappointing the people of Adamawa state and Nigerians. They gingered him as a way of putting more grease In his elbows to do more as speech of the Adamawa APC Chairman, Alhaji Ibrahim Bilal who was represented by the assistant publicity secretary of the party, Mohammed Mayas, reiterated their untiring support for Mustapha.

For the sake of Nigeria and Nigerians, for the sake of APC and President Buhari, Boss has left no one in doubt of his determination to walk across the nation’s system of administration to help in bringing the needed change. The decency in this man is stunning and his down to earth virtues have made him a perfect gentleman.

Holding the soft copy and hardcopy day-to-day running of the government of the day is no doubt one of the engine rooms that any leader can trust to have a successful government.

President Buhari is indeed wisdom personified to have a choice of Boss Mustapha as his closest dependable ally to work with him. No wonder, the results are getting more of purpose and perfect service delivery to the nation.

Mustapha’s staunch supporter, writes from Yola, Adamawa state, via
0803 767 9988

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