Shi’ites dare security, go on ‘symbolic trek’ today

Members of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria, also known as Shi’ites,
said they are set for the annual Arbaeen symbolic trek, beginning
today as part of activities marking the tragic murder of Imam Hussain,
the grandson of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

The Arbaeen symbolic trek is globally observed by trekking to the
Mausoleum of the assassinated Imam.

Speaking to newsmen yesterday on the symbolic trek, chairman of the
Academic Forum of IMN in Kano, Dr. Dauda Nalado, said they had already
notified relevant security agencies on their intention to embark on
the trip as planned, stressing that it was up to the security agencies
to grant the permission, as nothing would stop them.

According to him, any attempt by the state security apparatus to halt
such a trek or descend on their members, would be considered a gross
violation of their rights, illegal and discriminatory, adding that
since such a trek is marked worldwide, the Shi’ites in Kano have
reason to join the fray.

He stated that “the symbolic trek is our religious duty,” and that
they were free to conduct it without hindrance, harassment or attack
from any quarter, positing that Kano by law should treat all citizens
with justice and equity, irrespective of their tribal or religious

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