SIF, fresh air for youth

The Social Investment Fund (SIF) is a fresh air of freedom to the Nigerian youth. Youth have the largest population constituting 51.11 per cent which is 42,938,458 voters, the largest voting demography in Nigeria. 

The Nigerian youth are facing high unemployment but this situation should not warrant them taking to undignified social vices. Most of them don’t know enough about issues that would enable them form independent views of their own, they are used as canon fodders for various political activities such as political thuggery, gangsterism and violence by unscrupulous politicians in order to satisfy their gluttonous appetite and to sustain their grip on the political throne. Most of the Nigerian youth become helpless, mentally deranged desperate and hopeless, they use dangerous psychotropic drugs in order to behave in a very bad manner which lead them to various criminal activities in the country and beyond.

The Nigerian youth are used only during the political seasons to cause a lot of tensions now that the country is totally in neurotic ethnicity and religious crises which has now become the order of the day. The Nigerian youth should not allow themselves to be used as instrument of destruction in the hand of unscrupulous politicians that are capable of unleashing mayhem across the country in order to achieve their ulterior motives. They send their children to schools abroad and leave you to your own fate. The Nigerian youth therefore should look behind them for even the sheep in its wanderings still remembers to cast backward glance. None of the politicians can involve his son or family in political thuggery/gangsterism and violence.

It is time for the youth to rethink very well as the level of violence being witnessed today is very disturbing to the security of this country. Most of the Nigerian youth are suffering from amnesia, they need medical and psychological rehabilitation before turning a new leaf. My advice to the minister of youth and sports development, is to use the N750 billion Investment Funds judiciously for three years as N25 billion has been provided in 2021 budget. The funds should be used for the building and rehabilitation of the Nigerian youth.
Bello Shehu Shuni [email protected] 08035114465 

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