Site the new federal university in Toro

On behalf of Toro Uplift and Magama Youth Awareness Multipurpose Cooperative Society Limited, I humbly write to urge the Bauchi state government as well as other stakeholders to consider the sitting of the newly approved University in Toro local government area.
Recently, President Muhammadu Buhari approved the establishment of the Federal University of Health, Nutrition and Medical Science in Bauchi state in his quest to improve and provide quality education to Nigerians.
Thus, we want the state government to site the approved university in Toro local government area. Toro local government area is one of the largest in Nigeria and West Africa with nearly 1.4 million population mainly agrarian, small and large scale businesss men.

Alas! The local government area has no tertiary institution despite its huge population and political contributions to the state. Toro lacks much in terms of western of education as many of the government schools are dilapidated.
The point is, out of the 12 government tertiary institutions in the state none is sited in Toro though we have over 1000 primary schools, 30 government secondary schools, four boarding schools as well as over 150 private secondary schools. These churn out high rate of school leavers every year in Toro.

However, of the 12 institutions there is no campus situated in Toro, talkless of a tertiary institution; politically, Toro produces the highest votes, as such we should be compensated.
Moreover, the listed above secondary schools produce less than 8000 graduates yearly, and as result of tertiary institutions absence, most students find it hard to further their studies due to distance and financial inadequacy.
Although Toro is proximity to Plateau state, they don’t consider us in terms of admission; Jos crisis is another factor discouraging most of our students from studying in Plateau state. It is risky for students to travel to Jos for studies, we are vulnerable to insecurity.

Therefore, I am appealing to the state government and other stakeholders to consider Toro as we have met all the criteria to be provided a tertiary institution. We have the population, educationists, land, among others.

Ukasha Rabiu Magama, Toro, Bauchi state