‘Six in 10 homes had below 5hrs daily supply in Q1’

Fresh polls conducted in the Nigerian power sector revealed that six in every 10 homes in the country had less than five hours of daily electricity supply during the first quarter ended in March, 2014.

According to the results released yesterday by NOIPolls Limited, it is revealed that an average of 63 percent of Nigerians had experienced no improvement in their power supply, with 43 percent experiencing a worsened state and 20 percent having no difference at all.

The NOIPolls  also finds that  an average of 63 percent received less than 5 hours of continuous power supply daily  with  the majority (45 percent) receiving between 1-4 hours of continuous power daily and 18 percent receiving zero (0) hours of power supply.
It said the consequence of this was the increasing rate of alternative power source usage which had led to an average of 79 percent of Nigerians using them to augment their power supply.
The majority of the surveyed group representing 72 percent reported an increase in their spending on these alternative sources.

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