SOCIAL MEDIA BUZZ: Sex for mark scandal in OAU

The Obafemi Awolowo University, IThe Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, is in the news for the wrong reason after a leaked raunchy telephone conversation allegedly between a ‘mystery lady’ and one Rev. Richard Akindele, a professor in the management and accounting department of the Faculty of Administration appeared on social media.

In the audio recording, the erudite Professor of ‘the other room’ allegedly demanded to have sex with his female student a whooping five times for a pass in an examination she allegedly failed.

The female student, whose identity is still unknown, called the randy Professor to inquire about his earlier demand for sex to pass her in a course that she supposedly failed.

He told the student that she would repeat the exam in the next academic session since she had refused to “take the opportunity” he offered her to have sex with him.

As expected, the social media is buzzing and at the same time divided over the sex for mark scandal. While some are blaming, cursing and raining fire and brimstone on Playboy Prof, others are blaming the mystery lady for playing the victim card by using her body to negotiate for mark she did not merit.

Whether she made the proposal is not the issue. The question most are asking is that lecturers can’t be trusted to be morally upright in handling their business at school? The same excuse some men make when they rape kids. (She seduced me!!!).

The point is, a professor got easily enticed and gave in to the perverted and immoral desire to sleep with a student, whom he is supposed to mentor, counsel, guide and tutor.

A lecturer is obligated not to trade grade for sexual favours or money.

He is paid to impart knowledge through systematic teaching not through sex. After all, knowledge is not sexually transmitted. Except he belongs to the same school of thought with governor Addulazeez Yari of Zamfara state, who last year reportedly said God punished his people with meningitis as a result of formication.

Sadly, this kind of thing is common in almost all higher institutions in the country.

It is already part of the university system and the annoying part is, it is no longer hidden.

Every Nigerian adult, who is not a liar, who schooled in Nigeria, knows a girl that was harassed sexually for marks in Nigerian public universities.

Also, the fact that baba professor wants to ‘do her’ five different times just for an ‘E’ grade makes one wonder whether he is a professor of management and accounting as alleged or a pornographic movie star.

Only God knows how many times he takes his victims to ‘the other room’ if they want an ‘A’ or a ‘B’ grade.

Significantly, the management of the institution has queried the professor and appealed to the ‘mystery’ student to come forward to make a formal complaint against the lecturer.

Unfortunately, many universities do not have strong deterrence or punishment for abusers. This discourages victims from speaking out and empower sexual predators in ‘lecturer’s clothing’ to do more.

However, the good thing about such cases becoming public is that it will force the institutions to address them more seriously, if for nothing but to protect their name.

Students should be encouraged to speak out when such things happen.

There must be at least someone in the institution who can be trusted and confided in. Justice must be done.

The alleged sex for mark scandal also took over Twitter Nigeria. Here are some tweets.
The alleged sex for mark scandal also took over Twitter Nigeria. Here are some tweets.

Olaudah Equiano
Just listened to audio of OAU lecturer Prof(Rev) Richard Akindele soliciting for sex on phone from his female student whom he failed in exams.

Beats me how, in this age of social media, he could make such costly error apart from moral burden of such an act. Hope others learn from him.
Nwa Omenka

Professor Akindele can neva change. Heard so much about his randy attitude with female students when in OAU. Too bad this kind of man will call himself a man of God. Note however that this man is not a man of God cos no genuine man of God would ever ask for sex in place of mark.
Buki O.

Omg. Just sent that lecturer’s pix to my sister in Yankee. She studied Accounting in OAU. He “scoped” her and failed her when she refused. Those whom she taught got “A and B”.

JJ. Omojuwa
At the time I was in UNAAB, that lecturer would go for this recording! Professor Adu was a true leader. I don’t know what OAU will do about this but this is a test case for justice. This is the whole point of #MeToo .

Ladies should not always play the victim card. That OAU lady begging for marks is not a victim! She was negotiating her body for marks she did not merit. Do we know how many other lecturers she has proposed to sleep with? We hear of the Prof’s because it failed!

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