Social Media Buzz: Do you want accolades or assurance?

Do you want accolades or assurance?

The phrase “I deserve an accolade” has be trending for a while in the social media. A day hardly goes by without someone somewhere mentioning the phrase.

What does an accolade really mean? Me self I no sabi the meaning, I just check dictionary now now.
“An accolade is an award or privilege granted as a special honour or as an acknowledgement of merit.”

The ‘I deserve an accolade’ phrase was pioneered by the well-known controversial Instagram celebrity, Charles Okocha.
He was seen in a video ranting that he deserves some accolade because he has paid his dues. Well, I guess he has truly paid his entertainment dues.

Davido want more than accolades
For many weeks now, popular Nigerian Musician, Davido, has been showing off his girlfriend, Chioma.
He took it up a notch this week when Chioma celebrated her 23rd birthday on May 1.

As a birthday gift to her, Davido released a song titled “Assurance” in her honour and bought her a Porsche that reportedly costs N45 million.

For Davido, he says he want more than ‘accolades’, he needs ‘assurance’.
Davido, Chioma, Assurance and Porsche became instant hot topics on social media.
The following day, Davido released the visuals to the song.

‘Dear President, you deserve accolades’
For once, President Muhammadu Buhari is receiving positive reviews on a foreign trip from Nigerians.

Many Nigerians on Twitter are of the opinion that his current outing in the US was far better compared to the previous foreign outings, most especially his last visit to the UK, where he was accused of demarketing the country.

His number one critic, is probably his wife, Aisha, whom the President in one of his ‘infamous’ foreign trips to Germany reportedly said she “belongs to the other room.” She gave the president good marks after his meeting with President Donald Trump at the White House.

Some people however found it “scandalous” that Buhari is being praised simply because he did not make a gaffe.

Davido and Buhari also took over Twitter Nigeria. Here are some of the tweets

On Davido and Chioma

AY @Ayofficial
@davidoofficial you don’t have respect. I need to rush and go and block you from appearing on my wife’s timeline.

Godson @Godson
Young boss “David” buys a 45million naira car for girlfriend on her birthday! Chaiiiii??. Now all our girlfriends will stop accepting our (flowers and perfumes) as birthday gifts. He just made us look like small small boys in front of all these girls. They won’t respect us again!!! ???? ??? Infact.

Chika. @chikkiehembe
Nigerian men look at your mate. The only assurance you people can give is “have you eaten”.

King @kingofficial
Now every girl on my timeline want a Porsche, even the ones that cannot tolerate two baby mamas

On Buhari’s trip

Aisha M. Buhari @aishambuhari
Dear President, You deserve some #accol

Lady B @JoyceOdukoya
At the end of Buhari’s trip to the US, I hope we’ll be able to count on some tangible gains for Nigeria not just “first sub-Sahara African President to be hosted by Trump” and “Buhari did not have any major gaffes during his press conference.”

Tim Ogunyemi @TIMONIUM17
Saw a picture of PMB signing some papers with Trump grinning over him. As much as I’m happy to see both leaders, I’m very scared at the same time. What is Buhari signing us into? Why is no one asking this question?

Shadie @AfolasadeOla
Fine… Buhari deserves an accolade for whatever he did with Trump on Monday,but can he just sit back from 2019 election?

Praiz_Codez @ally_praiz
I don’t understand why APC and Presidenc think Buhari’s meeting with Trump is a validation for good performance.

For the love of football

A video of an Iranian female soccer fan has gone viral after she disguised herself as a man to enter a Tehran soccer stadium last Friday.
The woman and her friends wore fake beards and wigs to see Persepolis play Sepidrood at Azadi Stadium.

One of the women told the BBC that security did not figure out they were wearing disguises, but people in the stands did. Another woman said that it was the third time she attended a game while wearing disguise.

Men also accompanied the women to assure their safety. Some fans even came over to take selfies with the women at their seats.

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