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The sole aim of a legislator is to make laws that will benefit the people of his constituency and Nigeria, which is also their primary responsibility in the National Assembly, of course that is the reason they were voted for as legislators.

For Hon. Mansur Manu Soro (, Darazo/Ganjuwa, ), the business of law making is fast becoming a recurring decimal as he continues to sponsor bills and motions that have direct bearing on not only his constituency but the country in general. 

The young and vibrant lawmaker is doing his best at the lower chamber to ensure that he sponsors as many bills as possible and moves several motions that will benefit the country. Having won at the , and in less than two years in office, Mansur has sponsored several bills and moved several motions that if passed into law will be beneficial to not only the people of but to the entire country.

Indeed, he is an embodiment of development as he has carved a niche for himself in no distant time as history will soon beacon on him for the good works he is doing at the national assembly. The lawmaker often says his legislative interests are on economy, health and water. Apart from that he has also constructed several and rendered financial assistance and empowerment schemes to his people.

Before coming to the National Assembly, Mansur has worked as a special adviser to the former governor of Mohammed Abdullahi Abubakar and his performance there was so creditable that his people elected him to represent them in the ninth assembly.

So far, he has sponsored several bills including a bill for an Act seeking to extend compulsory basic education to senior secondary schools and compelling state and local governments to take responsibility for the education of children for 12 years. The bill seeks to amend the compulsory education under the Urban Reforms Act that currently has three components, early childhood care and development education, six years of primary education. The bill is receiving full backing and accelerated hearing in the house.

The aim of the bill is to address child destitution in Nigeria through improved basic education and livelihood. The bill, which is key to childhood education, was borne out of the need for Nigeria to redefine basic education to cover 12 years, in line with international best practices, Sustainable Development Goals and support the African Union Chatter Programmes on Child Education Act.

The lawmaker also sponsored a bill for an Act to establish the Federal Polytechnic Wailo Ganjuwa local area of to provide full time courses in technology, applied science, management and other field of studies some of the motions he moved in the floor of the house are the need to repair infrastructural damaged by ecological problems in Darazo/Ganjuwa Federal constituency and to prevent further loss of Nigerian lives and properties.

Soro Ganjuwa Zara Miya roads Lanzai Papa roads and Daba to Nasarawa roads as well as Yautare to Tauya roads also are the need to eradicate destitution and remove baggers from the streets through the provisions of the standardizations education system and the  need to improve budget formulations implementations and to return Nigeria to January to December budget cycles.

His  executed include constructions of pediatrics and maternal hospital at Sade town, Darazo west and Soro town as well as Ganjuwa Gabanin town and Darazo Central.

Also, financial support to the people of his constituency and of maternity clinic at Shila Village in Ganjuwa also procured 400 plastic buckets and 400 rolls of Septol soap for hand washing in prevention of the COVID-19 to the people. Others are repair of 102 hand pump boreholes in different communities of Darazo and Ganjuwa, drilling and installation of micro grid solar powered water system at Miya Ganjuwa Lago and Darazo central, facilitated the disbursement of funds to 212 students  studying in various institutions of  higher learning, and  sponsored on the bill seeking the establishment of federal polytechnic Wailo and other fields of studies. He said the bill is aimed at bridging the prevailing wide educational gap in the North-east region as well as attain an even distribution of technical education in the state.

If this bill is considered and passed, the federal polytechnic will best serve national interest in several ways. Specifically, the polytechnic will address the educational need of the growing population of Bauchi state resulting from the influx of victims of the Boko Haram in the frontline states and to harness the much-needed technical knowledge and skills necessary for the reconstruction and rebuilding of the North-east region. 

This will contribute to the growth and development of our dear nation as well as bridge the gap of non-existent federal in the entire Bauchi central senatorial district. It will also create a conducive atmosphere for educational development in Bauchi state.  Indeed this is a welcome development and a to the younger generation. For Honourable Mansur, his name will be written on sands of time in the National Assembly having sponsored several bills and moved motions within a span of one and a half years. Kudos to the amiable representative.

Magaji writes from Abuja

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