SOS to Minister of Justice, Malami

With best regards and wishes, I beseech you to regard this as a genuine save our souls (SOS) plea deserving of your urgent intervention.
This is towards probable prompt resolution of the lingering pension (non) payments of hundreds of longsuffering retirees of New Nigerian Newspapers Limited.
Without intending to bore you with the long and unsavory attendant details of the hitches and intrigues that had over several years denied many of these senior citizens their legitimate entitlements and sent a number of others to their early graves with families left in penury, let me go straight to the point.
To date, after waiting in vain, surviving and surmounting a retinue of impediments, these hapless individuals seek justice and equity.
Available information and records have it that you are at this point in the best possible position to not only ensure that justice is seen to be done, but also go down in history as the one who has brought succor to these pensioners who are so called only in name as none of them has been paid a single kobo of pension after so many years of retirement.
This is despite a presidential approval for the release of the funds due to them courtesy of President Muhammadu Buhari, whose compassionate attitude to pension matters is well known.
The long and short of it sir, is we have it on good authority, that a positive and favorable submission on this matter officially made by the Director of Citizens Rights under your good offices still awaits your endorsement to enable the Pension Transitional Arrangement Directorate ( PTAD) to pay these people.
Regrettably, while PTAD is said to have pay-rolled the New Nigerian Newspapers pensioners to commence their long-awaited monthly pension payments, and had since captured the accrued arrears, unnecessary stumbling blocks continue to be put in the way to the mortal detriment of the affected people.
Many have since died.
No thanks to some seemingly insensitive, cruel and self-serving forces of evil and darkness.
Please, promptly do the needful and let PTAD quickly go ahead to pay these people, who have come a long, torturous way, without anyone cheating them.
We sincerely thank Mr.
President, your good self and all other well-meaning individuals and groups who had one way or the other intervened in this matter.
God bless as we await your response.
Abbas Usman, No.CC65 Sirajo Road, Tudun Wada, Kaduna

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