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What many may not know is that an article I wrote on this column on Monday 28th,November 2016 has become part of the subject of litigation before a High court. I will not comment on the facts of the case because it is a matter for the court now. However, It was very moving to fi nd online the reactions of people around the world who have been following up on the work we do in the civic space and who lend voice and support with the words you would fi nd below. As you read this, the tertiary institutions in Southern Kaduna are still shut as executive punishment since December, 2016. People in Benue State and Southern Kaduna still do not have the assurance of safety.

If we have people across the continent crying out against injustice, it behoves those of us in the Nigerian space to cry even louder. We should cry against injustice in the Niger Delta, injustice against Shi’ites, injustice against the B’gwam Kurmi (the paramount chief of Kurama), injustice in our courts and Civil Service, injustice against men, women, children and whatever it is that is unjust. When we see evil, we ought to call it by name. We must feel human suff ering with an understanding that we are the same. Th is concensus against evil is the only thing standing between our humanity and freedom and when we all shine the light against the darkness, we can change the world. Sincere thanks once again for some of these nuggets I found online. “My mouth will be the mouth of misfortunes that have no mouth, my voice, the liberty of those sinking in despair.” (Aimé Césaire) Gloria Mabeiam Ballason is a civil rights activist, Newspaper columnist, lawyer and radio host selfl essly fi ghting against injustice. Despite serious threats, she will not be silenced! Gloria is a woman of strength, integrity and passion, a role model for African youth.

We need more leaders like you! You make us proud! #IstandWithGloriaMabeiamBallason #StopSouthernKadunaKillings Hadja Aminata Seck- Member, Civil Society, Senegal. “We should fear anarchy much more than tyranny” Th omas Hobbs Th is holds so much truth especially when those trusted with power and authority to act in the best interest of their people, deliberately abuse that power. Th is is exactly what Governor Nasir El-Rufai of Nigeria is doing.

Th e governor has threatened arrest and prosecution of lawyer Gloria Mabeiam Ballason, a passionate civil rights activist and human rights defender in Nigeria. Gloria through the House of Justice, has been engaging the civil space through radio to advocate against the killings in Southern Kaduna. All of us in diff erent parts of Africa have seen how select persecutions and killings in small area have escalated to civic wars that have led to mass atrocities. It begins with ‘minor’ acts such as silencing the few voices shouting for help. It is unacceptable that a governor would lead in such action instead of leading in the shouts for help.

Gloria fi ght on, the tree of liberty must be watered by the blood of patriots, know that Africa is watching and history will indeed vindicate you. Leah N. Owuor, Lawyer and Human Rights Activist, Kenya Everyone in Angola is following the drama and horrors people in southern Kaduna are enduring. People are beheaded, burnt and killed mercilessly. Th e predicament in Southern Kaduna has let my good friend Gloria Mabeiam Ballason from Nigeria, a fearless human rights activist, a prestigious lawyer and a radio host break the silence and speak up to defend those who are not protected by the Governor of Kaduna who is now threatening to prosecute her for defending those who are marginalized. Justice will prevail my sister.

We are on the right side, your side. #StopthekillinginsouthernKaduna #IstandwithGloriaBallason. #Angola Felisberto N. Tchitungu, English Teacher,Angola. Last year, I got to meet Gloria Mabeiam Ballason from Nigeria. She is a civil rights activist and an advocate for social justice. I have followed her advocacy work in the newspapers and through the House of Justice where she is a radio host.

Th e continous killings in Southern Kaduna portends danger, not just to Nigeria but Africa as a whole. It’s unfortunate that she is being threatened with arrest and prosecution by Governor Nasir El-Rufai who wants to shut down civic spaces. I call on the Nigerian Government to act to#StoptheSouthernKadunaKillings. History will remember you favourably my sister.

Th e future of Africa is safe with leaders like yourself. I support you #IstandwithGloriaBallason Nhlanhla Khumalo , Black Management Forum, Pretoria, South Africa. Gloria Mabeiam Ballason is a woman of faith and a fi ghter. She is one of the fi nest Mandela Washington Fellows and a daughter of Africa who is speaking and fi ghting against the senseless killings in southern Kaduna, Nigeria. She is a Lawyer and a civil right activist who sued governor El- rufai to put an end to the killings in her country.

I strongly support Gloria on her fi ght against injustice, I stand with her and l am in prayer with her from Liberia. WE JOIN OUR VOICES TO SAY STOP THE SENSELESS KILLING IN KADUNA, NIGERIA.

Fight on Gloria we are with you! #StopSouthernKadunaKillings #IstandwithGloriaBallason Sydell Poyoe Goll, Save the Children International,Monrovia – Liberia. No nation succeeds in the ambit of anarchy, no community transcends to development where genocide remains the order of the day and no society fl ourishes where religious bigotry remains a way of life. But the question is when would Nigerian leaders at all levels live up to the expectations of true leadership that portray development as witnessed in saner climes? I rest my case for now.

#StopSouthernKadunaKillings #StopintimidatingCivilRightsActivists #IstandWithGloriaMabeiamBallason #AdvocateforSocialJusticeGloriaMabeiamBallason Odeogbola Ayodele, Teacher Trainer,Nigeria “Few will have the greatness to bend history itself; but each of us can work to change a small portion of events, and in the total; of all those acts will be written the history of this generation”.

Robert Kennedy Gloria Mabeiam Ballason a lawyer, a civil rights activist, a woman of integrity, of faith, a strong woman, my friend and my hero is changing a small portion of history today. Gloria’s crime is standing up for what is right, speaking against the senseless killings in Southern Kaduna. Daring to question the “big politicians”. Gloria I stand with you.

Do not be broken, refuse to be subdued, continue to stand up for what is right and continue to speak on behalf of the voiceless. Human Rights and justice are our watch words and we will not be thwart! I stand with you as you give others hope. #stopsouthernkadunakillings#Istandwithyou Bridget Osho, Lawyer, Freetown, Sierra Leone. Gloria Mabeiam Ballason was one of our Mandela Washington Fellows at Bridgewater State University last summer. We stand behind her for her courageous campaign to stop the Killings in Southern Kaduna in Nigeria.

Dr. Wing-kai To, Professor of History, Bridgewater State University,Massachussets. All the way from Uganda, I have heard about Southern Kaduna attacks and hundreds of innocent people who have been killed. I have also heard of barbaric acts such as pregnant women’s wombs being blown out and massacred before their children!!!! I recognize the eff orts of Gloria Mabeiam Ballason to condemn these killings.

You should never be threatened with arrest and prosecution. Somebody needs to break the silence, somebody needs to speak up! Joanita PhAbulous Davina ,Human Rights Defender & Educator, Uganda. Gloria Mabeiam Ballason is a human rights activist who has pioneered advocacy against the senseless killings in Southern Kaduna, Nigeria. Th e Governor El-Rufai announced that Gloria will be arrested and prosecuted for the work she is doing. You remind me of Esther (in the bible) .May the Lord vindicate you and may He strengthen you with all might.

I have heard of women like you and I am privileged to have known you in this season. # s t o p s o u t h e r n k a d u n a k i l l i n g s #istandwithGloriaMabeiamBallason Relebohile Sehapi , Lawyer, Lesotho Gloria Mabeiam Ballason a woman of courage and perseverance is speaking against the senseless killings in southern Kaduna, Nigeria, fi ghting for what is true and just but still misunderstood and intimidated. She is a civil rights activists.

I strongly support Gloria on her fi ght against injustice and I stand with her…From Ethiopia with love and prayer. #StopSouthernKadunaKillings #IstandwithGloriaBallason Mahlet Tesfaye ,Diplomat, Ethiopia. Gloria is a POWERFUL example to Nigerian women and youths of how to speak up against state tyranny and abuse of power as well as defend the rights of human beings who cannot speak for themselves. Kokomma Dorothy Ossai, C.E.O. MAYEIN,Ibadan Nigeria In awe of Gloria ‘s courage and determination to resist. Dr. Roopa Rawjee, – Executive Board Member, Massachussets Council for Education, Masachussets, U.S.A.

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