South-east presidency ‘ll unite Nigeria – Umahi

Governor David Umahi of Ebonyi state Thursday said that having a president of South-east extraction will unite Nigeria.

Umahi had made his intentions to contest the 2023 presidential election on the platform of the All Progressives Congress (APC) known to President Buhari.

While the governor dismissed the believe by some sections of the country that the country will be divided if a president from the region becomes the President, he said that Nigeria will be more united under a President from the region.

He disclosed this in Abakaliki, Ebonyi state capital while addressing thousands of supporters who received him back to the state.

He noted that people of the region have investments across the country and will not like to do anything that can divide the nation.

He said,”Whoever God has called, he has already predestined unto safety and success and deliverance. And from the phone calls you are getting and the ones I am getting, it looks like this is the answer the nation Nigeria has been looking for.

“I want to appeal to you, we have two choices. One choice is to allow God to fight the battle. The other choice is to fight the battle. And if God is fighting the battle, we will keep our peace. How do we keep our peace? Do not provoke people, do not insult people. Other aspirants are more qualified than myself but remember I am David.

“Let nobody be afraid of the presidency of an Igbo man. There is nobody from south east will become President that will not work for greater unity of this country because we have investment everywhere.

“Some enemies of south east said if south east person becomes the President of this country, he will divide the country. How will he divide the country? We have investments everywhere. Will you set fire in your house?”

Umahi, who described himself as the answer that Nigeria has been waiting for, vowed to fight corruption to standstill and sustain President Buhari’s legacy if elected President of the country.

The presidential aspirant also promised to end medical tourism in the health sectors.

Speaking, chairman of Afikpo South local government area, Eni Uduma China, said Governor Umahi will carry every section of the country along and end the seeming marginalization in the country if elected the President.

He said the governor will replicate the unity inherent in Ebonyi if given the opportunity to govern the country.

He described Umahi as a pan-Nationalist, youthful and detribalised Nigeria who will transform the country.

He said “Governor David Nweze Umahi has shown a practical example of what he can do in Nigeria by the so many achievements he has made in Ebonyi State.

“He has transformed Ebonyi state from dust of the Nation as many who passed the once bumby dusty roads of Ebonyi will in derision refer Ebonyi as , to the salt of the Nation where an excellent taste of unprecedented quantity and quality of infrastructure is brought to practical manifestations.

“One unique feature of the Umahi Administration is that there’s no sectionalism, projects are evenly spread in the thirteen Local Government Areas making it impossible for any of the different Ebonyi peoples to complain.

He noted that the governor has boundless energy which will ensure that he follows up on all projects he will initiate to ensure their completion.