South-east: Ugochinyere denies plans to scuttle elections

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Ikenga Imo Ugochinyere

CUPP Spokesperson Ikenga Imo Ugochinyere has denied accusations that he held meeting with some peoples with the sole aim of ensuring elections did not hold anywhere in the South-east of Nigeria. 

Ugochinyere alleged that in an interview following the terrorist attack on his  country home, Governor Hope Uzodinma had claimed that he had in his possession security reports that those who attacked Ikenga were those with whom he had agreed that there would be no elections and whom he later betrayed to declare to now contest elections.

In his reaction to the accusation, the opposition figure said “Could it be possible that the same Imo state government that has accused me of terrorism, arson, burning of INEC offices in Imo state and hacking into the database of INEC could have such security report and yet keep it until I was attacked to bring it out?” 

Ikenga who is the PDP candidate for the House of Reps election for Ideato in the statement made available to our correspondent continued “I have been consulting for the last three years traversing every towns and villages in the Federal Constituency, investing millions of hard earned money yet someone says I discussed with people for elections not to hold.

“If I had started moves and consultations since three years ago, when then could that meeting have been? If Hope Uzodimma is not guilty of Omuma Magic as he wants the public to believe, why has he been looking for excuses to put me away? Nigerians would remember that the government organized 7 press conferences in 3 days to attack me. They brought out one condemned criminal from prison to come to claim I am his gay partner!

“How low could Hope Uzodimma go! Officials of the government shared the hurriedly shot videos soon after Omuma Magic Leak all to discredit me. The guilty conscience of the Hope Uzodimma can now be seen by anyone looking at him. 

 “If by his own admission he says that he knew people were going to kill someone and his only reaction was to conclude that the person deserved death, then he has lost every right to be a governor of a state.

“Assuming I deserved death, what about the other innocent people who have now died in that attack? Do they also deserve death? What of those whose properties were burnt? What of those whose houses were shaken to the foundations and glass panes shattered by the explosives? Do they deserve to be so punished? That unfortunately is the consequence of unmerited and undeserved mandate.”

He alleged that  the allegations of the governor were baseless and a figment of the Governor’s imagination insisting that his attack was carried out by a government backed Militia sent out with the sole purpose of silencing him permanently. He called for thorough investigations into the attack wondering how 18 days after, he was not aware there was any ongoing investigation as he had not been invited for any clarification, information or even questioning.”

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