Sowore’s re arrest : Let’s join forces, speak up against tyranny – Osun PDP chair

Chairman of Osun state Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Olasoji Adagunodo, said over the weekend in Ibadan that the re arrest in an Abuja court of Omoyele Sowore  by operatives of the Directorate of State Services (DSS)  should not be treated as his personal  predicament.

  Adagunodo said in  a statement  that:”Either should it be left alone for the opposition party and human rights activists to fight. It should be a fight by all Nigerians if we don’t want the growing tyranny of the present administration to consume all of us.

“Quite a sizeable number of Nigerians have seen the condemnable act of the DSS in a crude arrest of Sowore as a sole responsibility of the opposition party and Sowore’s immediate family.

“We must all rise up and fight for our freedom, not just  Sowore’s freedom. It is disheartening that many people believe that Sowore, the  PDP and the popular human rights organisations are the only ones that should be condemning the judicial impunity  visited on our dear country,” he said.

Adagunodo maintained that many Nigerians were abusing Sowore on social media with reference to Sowore’s activities against President Goodluck Jonathan and the PDP in 2015.

“We must not look at the situation of 2015 with vengeance. It is our belief as a political party that whatever Sowore did in 2015 was a mere coincidence as God Almighty has destined President Muhammadu Buhari to become the next Nigerian president after former President Jonathan. It all happened the way it did just for all of us to learn a lesson that our entire existence itself is but for a while and we must remember that God decides who gets there not minding how, when and through what means.

“If we refuse to speak out and get Sowore out of the dungeon now, thousands of our people who are suffering under the APC repressive regime will be silenced with much more dastardly acts than the one visited on Sowore.

“If anybody is to be annoyed, angry and seek revenge against Sowore and the destructive APC propaganda mercenaries in Nigeria of today, it should be former President Jonathan because he was the most insulted, maligned, abused and ridiculed president on the planet earth. Rather than take vengeance stance, he took solace in God and even openly condemned any step that will shed anybody’s blood because of his own ambition.We should emulate him and join forces to fight tyranny and monsters in the land”. 

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