SRTV set for ‘next president’ TV reality show

SRTV, a digital multicast, multicultural arts, entertaining and life style online streaming television is set for the second edition of its talent Expo program scheduled to take place between 1st and 5th of December at the velodrome facility, MKO Abiola National Stadium, Abuja, Nigeria.

Victor Otabor, the head at Rinet Limited said this year’s event will unveil the much anticipated SRTV Reality TV Show called the next president TV reality show and it has already started with the next governor TV Reality show across the 36 states of the federation.
Emerald Obahiagbon, the program representative said: “This year event is aimed at talent discovering in Nigeria and it will move such talents from the polite drawing rooms into the clamoring world. It will also provide participants with the right tools to showcase their talents.

“We aim to develop a balanced, fair, and transparent award/talent hunt platform that will celebrate stand out talents and celebrities whilst providing a once in a life time opportunity to promising talents to emerge and excel.”
She added that SRTV Talents Expo is an annual star-studded top notch recognition award and talent hunt brand that is purpose-built in celebrating, showcasing and promoting standout individual, talents, celebrities, investors, media personalities, brands and all relevant stakeholders in the entertainment industrials globally.

“We are on a mission of awarding credence and excellence to those that earn it, and providing life changing opportunities to talents that deserve it.”