Stakeholders seek reorganisation of Africa’s aviation

Arising from a three-day event at the fourth Aviators Africa Conference and Tower Awards, aviation stakeholders from across Africa affirmed they will work towards resetting the African aviation industry with a view of harnessing the benefits of sustainable energy and technology-driven operations.

In a keynote address, Aaron Munesti, the Chief Executive Officer of the Airlines Association of Southern Africa (AASA) highlighted the imperative and the urgency of resetting the African aviation industry post the COVID-19 pandemic, rather than restarting it.

Founder and the CEO of Aviators Africa Conference and Tower Awards, Toni Ukachukwu said the conference’s core mandate was to carve a niche and continue to pioneer sustainability initiatives in the African aviation eco-system whilst connecting it with tourism.

He said “We intend to look at sustainability in the broader sense of the word covering diverse areas with inclusivity from the stakeholders and academia to explore not only aviation but its allied industries for a more sustainable development of Africa.”

The conference, which had the theme “Sustainability in African Aviation”, featured three engaging and brainstorming panel sessions, all of which x-rayed the various challenges bedeviling the aviation and tourism industry in Africa, as well as recommend possible recovery paths.

Discussants dwelled on topical issues posing challenges to the industry across the continent such as “Assets Finance & Airline Sustainability in Africa” that critically appraised airline operations in Africa with respect access to credit facilities, funding and sustainability, “Sustainability in African Aviation” where panelists discussed current and future technologies helping the global aviation industry to achieve green approach to zero CO2.

Other topical discourse centered on hospitality and tourism where experts examined the “Impact of Airlines on Sustainability of Tourism Destinations.

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