Stay off Oyedepo or…, Ibiyeomie warns Daddy Freeze

The Senior Pastor of Salvation Ministries, Pastor David Ibiyeomie, has warned ace broadcaster, Daddy Freeze, to stop insulting Bishop David Oyedepo.

Bishop Oyedepo is the founder of Living Faith Church. 

Ibiyeomie, who described Freeze as a “bastard”, “half-caste born by a Somalian” with no wife and a poor job, threatened to deal with the On-Air -Personality legally and spiritually.

Ibiyeomie who spoke on Sunday in reference to comments Freeze made during the week, while preaching took time out tp address the alleged public attack on his ‘religious father.’

Oyedepo had made a post on Instagram captioned, ”The only way to a fruitful marriage is total submission on the part of the wife.

“Until it is in place, every other thing she tries to do will be out of place. A woman who refuses to submit to her husband is disobeying God.

”As a woman, you might even be a minister of the gospel, and your husband is not, the word of God still says submit yourself to him.

”A submissive woman is precious in the sight of her husband – Ephesians 5:22.”

Responding to the post, Cool FM broadcaster, Daddy Freeze posted: ”The fact that you have been married for 30 years doesn’t necessarily make you an expert on marriage. A prisoner in prison for 30 years is still not an expert on the penitentiary system.

”Also, the fact that you are single, separated, or divorced doesn’t disqualify you from giving marital advice. Paul and Christ gave most of the New Testament advice on marriage and neither was married.”

He added: ”Many religious marriages are endured and not enjoyed. Many pastors are suffering in silence.”

The statement did not go down well with Ibiyeomie as he branded Freeze fatherless and called him a half cast from Somalia.

He said he would not sit back and watch anyone insult his spiritual father while he was alive.

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