Stop defaming Hafsat Ganduje

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Recently, I heard some political charlatans trying to assassinate the character of the first lady of Kano state, Professor Hafsat Abdullahi Umar Ganduje. It seems to me that political chauvinism and cannibalism are in question. Our first lady, the wife of Governor Abdullahi Umar Ganduje, has been a woman of repute all her life and has attained the position of good wife all her life.

Professor Hafsat Ganduje is a woman of virtue who controls her temper, even when she was cajoled to act within her position of nobility. It is true that Professor Hafsat seems to people as a camcorder to her husband being a governor who is good to the people of Kano, a state of over 20 million people from all the corners of Nigeria and, of course, Africa at large.

So, one can understand why people of questionable character are castigating the noble woman for no just cause. One wonders why the fuss and for what reason anyone would want to drag the name of this woman of virtue to the mud and subject her to ridicule. Women are respected worldwide primarily because they undergo serious pains before one is born, see the hard difficulty of such a lovely mother. So, anyone that abuses his mother should expect repercussion from even the Almighty God.

A woman must therefore be respected no matter what. The revered Hafsat, the wife of our convivial Governor Ganduje, has been wrongly blamed for anointing an aspirant as the next governor of Kano state. This is an evil machination of a few political foes who have been attacking the family and the person of the amiable Governor Ganduje. The claim of anointment was from the opposition party that has always been trying to smear the name of the governor and his beloved family.

A former governor of Kano state has been spearheading this campaign of calumny against Professor Hafsat Ganduje. The former governor has most of the time during his meetings with his followers say derisively that, if you go back to Kano, “Kace-ina gaida Mijin Hajiya” (Hausa, meaning if you go back to Kano send my greeting to the husband of Hajiya). This was repeatedly said but the tolerant Dr. Abdullahi Ganduje sent respectable message to the wife of the former governor being a woman of virtue from a respected family. So you can see the difference of a convivial noble family of Dr. Abdullahi Umar Ganduje.

The other bad guys that constitute nuisance to the political horizon of Kano seem to be condemned individuals who know nothing of nobility. They are the people considered as political hooligans who could do anything to smear the name of the good people of the state. It’s obvious that such people, whose ambition is to jeopardize the political decorum, should be prosecuted for defamation. It’s high time the government took punitive action against these charlatans parading themselves as politicians. Enough is enough.

Comrade Ibrahim Abdu Zango,

Chairman, Kano Unity Forum,

Kano, Nigeria


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